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Another 5 Star Review for Coroner’s Cold Case #81128: Marilyn Monroe

Another 5 Star review for Peter Wright’s Coroner’s Cold Case #81128: Marilyn Monroe has been posted at amazon:

Sun Goddess of Valley of the Sun wrote:

Excellent Detail with many possibilities, September 13, 2012

Much of what is in this book, I already knew. The amazing detail of Marilyn’s involvement with various “unsavory” types is discussed. Sam Giancana is a prominent figure as well as new info on RFK’s visit on the day she dies. I always thought she was murdered and top level government was involved in it. It seems the author suggests that her home was “bugged” by Hoover, Mafia, and the CIA? Makes you wonder with Hoover being the anti communist zealot he was and Marilyns’ much publicized marriage to a so called “communist sympathizer.” This books examines many possibilities and leaves it up to the reader to make their own conclusions. We will never know….Excellent book!

Thanks Sun Goddess!!! The Man and I thank you for your kind words!!! ‘Cause when The Man’s happy, The Lady’s happy and that means… I’m a happy kitty…

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