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2013: The Year of The Cheesemonger: Meet Jimme Mares

The Man, The Great One, Natasha and Jimme in Seattle

The Man, The Great One, Natasha and Jimme in Seattle

Updated 10/14/2014: Since Jimme answered these questions, he has been promoted to Division Cheese Specialist for the Michigan Division of Kroger.

When The Lady began the Murray’s Cheese segment of her cheese journey… after all, it is the journey and not the destination, which is still unknown… the first store she helped open was in Denver. Jimme Mares was in the training classes and worked side-by-side with The Lady for two weeks.. it was “cheese love” at first sight for both of them… The Man and I would be jealous except that Denver is along way from The Couve… and we know she loves us the best… she’s got plenty of cheese love to share…

The Lady, The Man and I got to hang with Jimme and The Great One, Natasha, in Seattle last summer and even I liked Jimme… and I like almost no one besides The Lady and The Man… my crush on The Great One, Natasha, well that’s a story for another day. But I seriously digress…

I sat down recently with Jimme and asked him to be one of our Cheesemongers of the Year and in his own words…

Your favorite cheese pairing.

I have way too many favorites when it comes to paring cheese and well anything. I will have to give you a pairing i had last night. Yellow and red peppadews stuffed with Haystack Smoked Goat Cheese and topped with Lemon thyme. For dessert a crescent roll with La Tur, Nutella Hazelnut spread and sliced almonds.

 Create your favorite cheese plate with accompaniments.

 My favorite cheese plate would be more of a platter. If you know me you know why. I can put away cheese! To start my platter would have Vermont Creamery’s Coupole with dried figs and toasted Almonds. Then Ewephoria, sliced thin and at room temperature with sliced Gala Apples. What would a cheese platter be without a Sartori cheese? Montamore is my favorite Sartori and it goes beautifully with Harvest Song’s Apricot Jam. For my cheddar i would go with Collier’s Welsh Cheddar and Pepperlane’s Sweet Heat Preserves. When it comes to stinky cheeses i adore Crave Brothers Les Fres with Creminelli Wild Boar Salami Sliced paper-thin with fresh cantaloupe or dried apricots. To finish the platter how can anyone leave off Black Label Cambozola and Colorado Star Thistle honey with whole marcona almonds. Between each cheese i like to have candied Ginger on the platter to cleanse my palate from cheese to cheese. This is my perfect cheese platter.

Your favorite grilled cheese sandwich.

My favorite Grilled Cheese Sandwich consisted of Taleggio, Gruyere, Sliced thin Speck Americano, and Fig Spread.

Tell us one little known non-cheese related thing about yourself (for example, skydiving, juggling, etc.)

My name is Jimme Mares and I am a Competitive Eater/ singer. In 2010 I ranked number 9 in the World League of Competitive Eaters (WLOCE). In my first contest i tied the World Champion in a Cupcake throwdown, consuming 34 cupcakes in 10 minutes ( equivalent to 8 pounds of Cupcakes). I have participated in contests consuming hot dogs, cheese burgers, burritos, pizza, philly cheese steaks, tacos, and more. My specialty when it comes to contests are sweets. Aside from Competitive eating i am also a musician. In 2009 i audition for American Idol and made it through 2 rounds of producers before choking in the 3rd round.  My style is Opera. I sung with the Colorado Chorale as their youngest member to ever get in for 2 years. My favorite song to perform is “Where I Want To Be” from the musical Chess. Food and Music are my greatest passions in life.

 If you could have dinner with any famous person living or historical, who would it be and why?

If I were to enjoy a dinner with any Famous person I would insist on dining along side Giada. I could see her and I having great foodie conversations. Based on her show i could see our personalities would match and we would have a gay ole time. I must know how she has such a rockin’ body while making and eating savory delicious food all the time. I am not one for jarred spaghetti sauces but this woman has managed to make an incredible jarred sauce. If you haven’t tried it yet, it is a Target exclusive product. But you need to get a jar today!

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