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Meet Cheesemonger, Sean Riley

Sean Riley - Love the shirt!!!

Sean Riley – Love the shirt!!!

Two years ago this week, The Lady’s and my cheese journey moved from slinging cheese to teaching new mongers how to sling cheese. Joining us on this part of our journey was fellow monger, Sean Riley, who came from a mega-cheese shop in Denver.

The Lady and Sean mostly chat on the phone ( a lot, I might add, but I’m not jealous…), sharing their cheese journeys but every few months their paths cross. Usually when they travel to New York and hang with Nathan (of the I’ve Always Loved You Cheese Plate) and discuss how to better educate new mongers. Then they eat copious amounts of cheese which they wash down with a few adult beverages.

I first met Sean in Seattle when he and The Lady were visiting another outpost for Murray’s Cheese in the Pacific Northwest. I found him affable and as cheese geeky as any cheesemonger… you put cheese geeks together… and trouble ensues… but what happened in Seattle is best left in Seattle…

Recently Sean and I sat down and he shared with me…

1. Your favorite cheese pairing. Goat cheese and dried cherries.

2. Create your favorite cheese plate with accompaniments. Allison Hooper’s  VBCC Coupole with dried cherries, Tallegio with Speck, Cabot Clothbound Cheddar and Granny Smith Apples, Reypeanear V.S.O.P Gouda and Basil Hayden’s Bourbon and Rouge River Blue and honey.

3. Your favorite grilled cheese sandwich. Gruyere and Cipolline onions. (A favorite around the manse, also…)

4. Tell us one little known non-cheese related thing about yourself: I love tattoos, snowboarding, and a huge tech freak

5. If you could have dinner with any famous person living or historical, who would it be and why? Kurt Cobain, amazing Musician and I really want to know what he saw in Courtney Love. (one of the burning, unanswered questions of the 20th Century).

I thank Sean for taking the time to chat with me… and for taking care of The Lady when she is in New York… he’s a true gentleman… goodness knows someone has to do it when she’s away from me and The Man…

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