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Study Suggestions

My Cheese Books

My Cheese Books

Study Suggestions

Taking the 2017 Exams? Want to learn more about cheese? Want support? Come join our Cheese Study Group.

1. Follow the ACS Body of Knowledge. That is your Bible. And a new Virtual Library has been added on the ACS site – another terrific tool!!

2. Make flashcards for studying-on-the-go. I still have mine on my smart phone and refer to them often to refresh my knowledge. I created mine online at It’s a free website with a great phone app. Create them as you study; don’t wait till late in the process to create them.

3. Get into a study group and/or find a study buddy. This will keep you motivated and on top of the monumental amount of knowledge you need to review in anticipation of what will be on the exam. You are invited to join our Facebook study group – open to anyone wanting to expand his/her cheese knowledge.

For 2017, our study schedule is set and begins on April 3rd. To check out the schedule and meet our guest instructors, cheesemakers and other professionals who will be leading each domain, click here.

4. These are the books that I used the most and suggest you read at least once or keep handy for constant and easy-access reference:

My study guides and documents for 2013 ACS CCP exam

My study guides and documents for 2013 ACS CCP exam

I also have an extensive collection of documents I studied in 2013 on my google drive. The basics are there but just like cheese, knowledge is alive and evolves so again always consult the ACS Body of Knowledge if in doubt. (Also, I can assure you that some of my notes contain INCORRECT information – they cannot possibly be 100% correct – therefore if you use them and see something you think is incorrect – it is your own responsibility to research and decide what is correct.)

That being said, I did pass the exam.

My 2015 Bullet Points For each domain:

Links to each Domain’s Bullet Points   Domain 1 – Raw Materials for Cheesemaking

Domain 2 – Cheesemaking Processes   Domain 3 – Cheese Ripening

Domain 4 – Storage and Transportation   Domain 5 – Marketing and Merchandising 

Domain 6 – Cheese Types and Categories    Domain 7 – Cheese Assessment and Evaluation 

Domain 8 – Cheese Service    Domain 9 – Regulations and Regulators

I updated some bullet points with more information for 2016:

Domain 1 – Cheesemaking Processes/updated   Domain 2 – Raw Materials for Cheesemaking/updated   Domain 3 – Cheese Ripening/updated    Domain 4 – Storage and Transportation/updated  Domain 5 – Marketing and Merchandising/updated 

More links to docs to assist in your studies:

210 Terms to Increase Your Cheese IQ 

40 Questions to Test Your Cheese IQ 

Culture Magazine’s “Cheese Facts” and “Cheese Science”

Increase your cheese IQ: Just the Facts

Increase Your Cheese IQ: Culture Magazine Top Cheese Links

You might also review some of the pages I have created here from my study docs:

You may contact me via my Facebook page with queries, etc.

I will be updating this page as new information becomes available – so bookmark it and check back often.

I will also be uploading “test-taking” tips closer to the exam date in July.

See you in Denver in 2017 and Pittsburgh in 2018 – and best wishes for great success!!!

Interviews with All Cheese Professionals: Cheesemakers and Cheese Professionals

Interviews will continue throughout 2015… sometimes, they will be “stand-alone” and sometimes they will be presented as round-table discussions with several Cheese Professionals answering the same question. Those participating includeCheesemakers, ACS CCPs™, Cheesemongers and Cheese Professionals and Experts who contribute to this Wonderful World we call “Cheese”.

List of all Interviews from 2013: Cheesemakers, Cheesemongers.

List of 2015 Cheese Professionals.

List of all Cheese Professionals Bios.

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Taking the 2017 or 2018 Exams? Please see my page on Tips for Studying for the Exam. Want support? Come join our Cheese Study Group.


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