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Praise for The JFK Conspiracies (A Cold Case Investigation)

John_F_Kennedy_Official_Portrait 22A_From A Facebook Fan of The JFK Conspiracies (A Cold Case Investigation):

“I am reading the JFK book written by Peter. It has fascinating details about all of the characters in this story. Great read, can barely put it down.”

From amazon reader:

5.0 out of 5 stars New Twist to the Assassination of JFK, January 26, 2014
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This review is from: The JFK Conspiracies (A Cold Case Investigation:) (Kindle Edition)
If you are a history buff or just curious about the “real” story of the JFK assassination, this is a must read for you. I have read books after book and every article I could find on this subject, and mostly they were all about the same. Not this book by Peter Wright. He takes a totally different approach in several ways. He takes each major player of the story back to their beginnings, gives insight to what made each one what they became, puts it all together like a jigsaw puzzle. And the outcome will surprise you as it is the first time this theory has appeared. It all makes sense because of the way the writer reveals each character’s past, including Joe Kennedy, Sam “The boss of all bosses”, as well as the Kennedy brothers themselves. In addition, you will read things about the behind-the-scene workings of our government that might surprise you. I highly recommend this book.

While writing “Coroner’s Cold Case 81128: Marilyn Monroe”, Peter would occasionally ask me to read parts and give him my thoughts. As the book progressed, it became clear to me that his research was following not only Marilyn’s life, but also the life of JFK. Both lives were amazingly intertwined and yet both stories screamed to be told alone. Marilyn Monroe played a part in the life of JFK and without a doubt JFK played a part in the life and death of Marilyn Monroe.

As the Marilyn book evolved, Peter decided to split his research and write a separate book analyzing the life and death of JFK.

Anyone who remembers that day in November, 1963, knows that conspiracies have swirled around JFK’s assassination; did Oswald work alone; did the Mafia kill him to punish Joseph Kennedy and RFK for reneging on their election promises; was it the CIA; was it the FBI??? So many questions; so many possibilities. As Peter delved more and more into the hundreds of books, the thousands of the articles written, the TV specials and the movies, a startling possibility began to take shape: a conspiracy that could only happen if JFK himself were a part of it…

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