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Lancashire Bomb… It’s Da Bomb!!!

DSC_0122The first time I learned about the Lancashire Bomb was while building my Amazon Cheese Shop. The pictures alone made me nuts to try this cheese. Earlier this year when shopping at Costco in Greenville, SC… lo and behold, there they were… I grabbed one.

Capturing the Costco business meant a big boost of Lancashire production and many jobs for the area. In 2015, 70,000 bombs were exported for sale in the US. This particular version of the young, creamy Lancashire Bomb was produced by Singleton Dairy and JJ Sandham. The original bomb was created by Andrew Shorrock and his dairy offers the original version plus several variations that include, garlic, onion, black pepper or a hot chili flavor. All of Shorrocks are aged a minimum of 24 months. You can order any of the Shorrock flavors on amazon via my shop.DSC_0127

The history of Lancashire cheese is fascinating. Dating as far back as the ;ate 12th Century, this soft, crumbly cheese ceased production during WWII when the government banned production as it was deemed a soft cheese and unsuitable for rationing. At the time of the ban, more than 200 farmers in Lancashire were producing this cheese. When the ban lifted in 1948, only 22 producers began making Lancashire again. In the 1960’s, the recipe was changed to be crumbly and creamy to compete with Wensleydale, Cheshire and Caerphilly… smart move by the producers.

We loved this sphere of cheesy goodness; mild and crumbly, very spreadable and creamy on the palate.

You should start thinking ahead toward the holidays and include at least one bomb on your cheese platters; your guests will love it.

DSC_0139If Spaulding were here I’m sure he would award the Lancashire Bomb 3 Paws and make a few suggestions:

Serving Suggestions: On a platter in an early position; sitting on a cracker with a touch of jelly or preserves; with fresh fruit and a few nuts.

Wine Pairing: I would choose a Sweet Riesling.

Beer Pairing: Something hoppy.

My next posting will be from Des Moines as I “confer” with 1200 other cheese heads in the Heartland… woohoo!!!



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