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Cheese of the Day: March 3 – Dutch Masters’ Goudas

Dutch Masters Goudas

Friday was a special “two-fer” Cheese of the Day in our Facebook Cheese Study Group. In addition to ACS CCP® James Danforth introducing us to Wilde Weide, ACS CCP® Miranda McQuillan presented the Gouda Series known as the Dutch Masters. This is what she had to say:

Dutch Masters’ Group of Goudas – Presented by ACS CCP® Miranda McQuillan

I thought I would start simple and widely available and talk about the Dutch Masters group of cheeses. A long-standing staple in cheese cases, there are a multitude of different Dutch Master Gouda’s that range in age and thus Flavour and texture.

Rembrandt is the oldest Dutch painter represented and his cheese is aged the longest, developing the most depth of flavor, dryness and tyrosine crystals, a lovely occurrence as we all know.

He is followed by Vincent(Van Gogh of course), a bit younger and more supple, still with the tyrosine crystals, but in lesser quantity and with a creamier paste, this is a crowd pleaser!

Ver Meer is next with lower fat and salt content, it appeals to people who have some health issues and or feel cheese is too high in these things.(cheese is for every one!)

And lastly, Frans Hals, an extra aged goat Gouda. I myself Love aged goat Gouda, you can taste that wonderful sweetness of the milk through the amazing sharpness it achieves! And the bone white well knitted paste makes it a textural dream!

These may not be directly on your test, however it is often hard for some mongers to find some of the cheeses that are on the test. So these are a good available litmus/flight to the flavor differentials that you find within the Gouda family!

Cheese are family! I got all my Gouda’s with me!

And I’ve included a couple cultural and informative videos! Food is life and it’s so good to See the life being lived around all of these cheeses we love!…/production-process


And a personal Gouda story, 

I’m from Omaha Nebraska, and about three years ago they found a Rembrandt in storage at our Joslyn Art Museum. They put up an exhibit hosting other Dutch paintings, talking about the painter And the man in the painting(a portrait commission) and both the cities of Leyden and Beemster were mentioned! We will talk about them as cheeses in the future, but I thought that was cool!

Another fun Gouda Video:

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