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Cheese of the Day: March 8 – Humboldt Fog

Our Facebook Cheese of the Day on Wednesdays will be deep diving into sheep and goat milk cheeses presented by ACS CCP® Elizabeth Nerud. Today she spotlights an iconic American Artisan Cheese: Humboldt Fog. Here are her thoughts:

Today’s presentation comes from ACS CCP® Elizabeth Nerud who is deep diving into sheep and goat cheeses every Wednesday. Today she has this to say about an iconic American Artisan Cheese, Humboldt Fog:

Wednesdays are devoted to sheep and goat’s milk cheeses and it is my pleasure to shine the spotlight on none other than the American classic HUMBOLDT FOG! A soft-ripened goat cheese, Mary Keehn created this beauty in 1992, after dreaming of a cheese with a line running through it. That line is ash, and which also dusts the outside.

It is a tribute to the terroir of the beautiful landscape of Arcata, California. Humboldt Fog is more than just a cheese, it is a poem. You will find an excellent article on page 363 of the Oxford Companion to Cheese written by Laura B. Werlin, where she points out that several important microbial factors are at play here, including the addition of geotrichum candidum in the milk, and penicillium candidum on the rind.

The Cypress Grove website is amazing, read all the frequently asked questions for a wealth of information!

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Cutting the Curd interview with Mary Keehn.

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