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Cheese of the Day: March 22 – Fresh Chevre

Wednesdays ACS CCP Elizabeth Nerud presents goat and sheep milk cheeses to our Facebook Cheese Study Group. This week’s presentation from Liz is fresh chevre:

Good Morning, Cheese People! This week I bring you a special treat. Well, these posts are always special treats, what am I saying? Anyway, I feel that this post is pretty cool. I intended on discussing Fresh Chevre for cheese of the day, which led me to review the ACS winners in the category last summer in Des Moines. Winning first place was Sage Farm Goat Dairy, located in Stowe, Vermont. They are tiny but dedicated, and visiting their website and learning their story will open up avenues of learning about the way a farm operates. It is very well done, rich in information! They make a number of other interesting and beautiful looking cheeses, which I find amazing for their small scale. These cheeses are beautifully photographed and vividly described with cheesemaking techniques as well as excellent tasting notes.

Fresh chevre in the US really paved the way for the American Cheese Renaissance. Laura Chenel, Mary Keehn, Judith Schad, Jennifer Bice and Allison Hooper all started working with goats around the same time, in the late 70s. They are known as the American “Goat Ladies” and have made significant contributions to the cheese landscape as we know it, and introduced American palates to exciting experiences.

Goat’s milk is composed of 5% lactose, 3.5% protein and 4% fat. The protein structure may make the milk more digestible. Goat’s milk is naturally homogenized. The milk and the cheese is always white because “the fat-soluble pre-vitamin beta-carotene of a rich yellow color is converted to a colorless vitamin A before entering milk”, p. 322, Oxford Companion to Cheese.


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