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Cheese of the Day: April 1: Comte AOC

ACS CCP® Pat Polowsky presents Alpine-style cheeses Saturdays at the Facebook Cheese Study Group. This week he discusses French Comte AOC:

This week on Alpine Saturday: Comté AOC. Comté is the most popular (by production) French AOC cheese. Comté is made of milk from Montbéliarde or French Simmental cows (or cross breeds of the two) around the Jura region. It’s required to have a fat-in-the-dry-matter content between 45% and 54%, maximum moisture of 38%, and a minimal salt content of 0.6%

Quick facts
Milk: raw cow
Format: Wheel (55-75 cm diameter (20-30″), between 32-45kg (70-100lbs))
Age: 120 days minimum

The flavor of Comté can range from sweet, fruity, and nutty to spicy, brothy, and caramelized

Fun fact: Comté has its own quarterly newsletter: (in France), (in USA)…/2017_1WinterComteNew…

AOC/PDO document:…

Comté being made:

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Our Facebook Cheese Study Group is raising funds to send worthy ACS CCP exam® candidates and ACS CCPs® who want to attend the 2017 ACS Conference in Denver, Cheese With Altitude. You can apply for a scholarship by clicking hereand you can contribute to the scholarship fund by clicking here. All monies raised (withe the exception of the fees charged by GoFundMe) go to the winners of the scholarship. everyone involved in the scholarship efforts is donating their time and receiving NO fees or monetary compensation… just the feeling of helping those who need our help. Complete rules and information can be found here.  

Applications must be submitted by 5pm April 15th.

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