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Cheese of the Day: April 12 – Landmark Creamery Sheep Milk Cheese

ACS CCP® Elizabeth Nerud presents Landmark Sheep Milk Cheese today;

Good evening, Cheese Friends! It is a pleasure to place the spotlight tonight on Landmark Creamery, a real gem of a sheep’s milk creamery from the Driftless region of Wisconsin. It was established by Anna Landmark and Anna Thomas Bates in late 2013.

My friend Mike Brantl and I were on a tour of that amazing area of Wisconsin last fall to see Chris Roelli, Hook’s and Uplands Cheese. Anna Thomas Bates had her eagle eye on Facebook, saw we were in the area and immediately invited us to a magical aging facility, Bear Valley Affinage, to taste and observe the ripening process of their cheeses which is carried out by affineur Jenifer Brozak. This place is so very, very remote, we were guided by our gps and faith that treasures awaited and we were rewarded with an Aladdin’s Cave of glorious cheeses in varying stages of maturation. Anna and Jenifer showed us all around and we tasted tasted tasted.

Liz with Landmark at Cheeseatopia

I was thrilled to get a text from ATB asking if I would be able to help her staff her table at Cheesetopia this last Sunday in Minneapolis! It was my pleasure to return her favor and present the very cheeses I had tasted there to the adoring public that flocked to the event. First up was Petit Nuage, a darling little button of fresh sheeps milk that is a lovely expression of the milk, rich and clean and perfect to place on top of a salad or smear onto a crusty baguette with jam or honey. Someone said they were going to scramble their eggs with it. Yum. Next was Pecora Nocciola, a hard and nutty cheese that was deep and rich with notes of sweet caramel that we all love. Indeed, the name itself means “Nutty Ewe”, both apt and poetic. The third sheep’s milk was Anabasque, a hard washed rind cheese that was redolent of the cave, earthy with good salinity and a touch of funk! So interesting to explore.

It was terrific for this cheese experience to come full circle, to visit the cheeses in their infancy and to present them to the customers that would take them home to enjoy. These experiences give depth and texture to our work within the industry, whatever our professional pursuits are. Seek them out, and support our cheesemakers!

Folks, here is a pretty amazing video from the Annas themselves. They are on a kickstarter campaign to add equipment and start construction on an aging space. Please, if you can, send some dollars over to support these women and their very important work! Please do feel free to share this.

Landmark Creamery

Learn more about Landmark here.


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