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La-Di-Da Lavender and Oops!! April Was Grilled Cheese Month…

I woke up this morning and realized that even though I made three similar, yet different grilled cheese sammies in April, I failed to write about them during April…my bad… Like award shows, I think there are too many “National___________Day/Month’s in the US (What the heck are The Country Countdown Awards and who thought that

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The Man and I are in Washington State this month closing up our residence before returning to Georgia to continue caring for Miss Anne… aka “mom”… While here, we had the local watch repair guy put batteries in our… watches… The watch repair guy’s shop is located inside the Fred Meyer store where I began

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Meet Laura Werlin, James Beard Award-Winning Author and Educator

I met Laura Werlin through her books, Cheese Essentials,  Grilled Cheese Please and Mac n Cheese, Please. We then connected on Facebook and finally “met” at the 2013 ACS in Madison. She inspires me and fuels my cheese obsession. Laura is a James Beard Award-Winning Author for The All American Cheese and Wine Book and her

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