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Capriole Goat Cheese’s “Falling In Love With Cheese All Over Again” Plate

For those who don’t know, Miss Anne passed away last month. I took the above picture of her in February while I was working in the greenhouse and she was enjoying a warm day, hanging out with her “farmer daughter.” During mom’s last days, my good friend Judy Schad, owner of Capriole Goat Cheese, sent

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Cabot Cheese Cooperative’s 3 Year Cheddar

Here in NE Georgia, as mentioned, the pickings are slim for Specialty Cheese Shops… but far from impossible. Ingles has a respectable pre-cut specialty cheese selection but to get the really good “stuff” you need to travel to Greenville, SC or attempt to master the traffic of Atlanta without killing yourself or others. For shopping,

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Food Trends for 2017 – My Favorite Trend – Habanero Jams

Yesterday, Specialty Foods News released an email with links to several articles about 2017 food trends. The articles interviewed Chefs, Dietitians and Whole Foods Markets. Included in the trends were ancient grains, green tea, less processed foods and more whole foods like veggies and fruits, street-inspired foods, new cuts of meat, ramen and my personal

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