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Coombe Castle Cheese Board

Many of the cheeses I love the most have their roots in England where Cheddar was first created and sold in early farmers’ markets around the town of Cheddar. Recently I received a few cheeses from Coombe Castle and I shared them with family at a birthday celebration in Vancouver while The Man and I

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2015…In Review

As many of you know, for more than a year I have been in Georgia caring for my aging parents. Sadly my father passed away in June and recently my mom, who has many ails of the aged, broke her hip… this has slowed down my posting and I apologize… Looking forward to 2016… interviews

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Will Brake for Goats… Our Visit to Hawaii Island Goat Dairy

The Man and I are spending ten relaxing days on the Big Island of Hawaii…doing pretty much doing nothing…which is exactly how we like it…lots of reading…binge watching “Suits” and napping… But, despite the urge to do nothing, no way would I miss a trip to Hawaii Island Goat Dairy. When our plans came together

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