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Will Brake for Goats… Our Visit to Hawaii Island Goat Dairy

The Man and I are spending ten relaxing days on the Big Island of Hawaii…doing pretty much doing nothing…which is exactly how we like it…lots of reading…binge watching “Suits” and napping… But, despite the urge to do nothing, no way would I miss a trip to Hawaii Island Goat Dairy. When our plans came together

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Increasing Your Cheese IQ – Just the Facts

Since becoming an ACS Certified Cheese Professional™ in 2013, I have dedicated my “cheese time” to providing accurate cheese information to assist those taking the exam and those that simply want to increase their Cheese IQ. These are links to information I have been researching and creating to assist you in your cheese journey: 210

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A Pina Colada Party in Your Mouth

Recently a wedge of Kokos Coconut Gouda came my way. Made with cow’s milk and organic coconut cream, this gouda is delightful and a fun, flavorful cheese. It’s nutty and sweet; it’s creamy and finish well with the hopes that there is more to come. I paired it with Kelly’s Jelly’s Pine-a-peno Pepper Jam, made

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