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Janet Fletcher’s Planet Cheese Database

James Beard Award-Winning Writer, Janet Fletcher

Like all cheese nerds, I subscribe to a lot of cheese newsletters. The one I read EVERY week is Janet Fletcher’s Planet Cheese. For more than a decade Janet, who is a James Beard Award-Winning Writer, has been writing weekly articles about cheese. Along with her tasting notes on each cheese, she shares its story and history.

I created the following database of selected reviews and articles she has written (and, yes, I have read every one of these articles; some more than once). I chose cheeses and articles (more than 200 total) that I think are more likely to be included in ACS CCP® exam in some fashion. Please note, some of these articles were written several years ago and information may have changed over time. As I caution you in all documents and books you read; if you question information, do your homework and determine its validity. We all do our best to share correct information but none of us is perfect every time.

If you don’t subscribe to Janet’s weekly newsletter…shame on you… you can subscribe at Planet Cheese.

My thanks to Janet for sharing her passion and knowledge and allowing me to share it with cheese nerds worldwide… Make Cheese Grate Again…

(I have another version of this list that includes Region of Origin and miscellaneous notes. If you’d like to have a copy of that document, send me an email – you can find my email on the About Me page – or contact me via our Facebook Cheese Study Group.)

Cheese Country of Origin Producer Milk Type Style Raw or Pasteurized
Abbaye de Belloc France Benedictine Monks Sheep Natural Rind Pasteurized
Affidelice France Berthaut Cow Washed Rind Pasteurized
Aged Brick USA Widmer Cow Washed Rind Pasteurized
Alpha Tolman USA Jasper Hill Farm Cow Alpine Raw
Ameribella USA Jacobs & Brichford Cow Washed Rind Raw, Organic
Anabasque USA Landmark Creamery Sheep Natural Rind Pasteurized
Appalachian USA Meadow Creek Dairy Cow Thin Natural Rind overlaid with a white bloom Raw
Appenzeller Switzerland Cow Alpine Raw
Ardrahan Ireland Burns Family Cow Washed Rind Pasteurized
Arpea France Fromagerie Agour Sheep Washed Rind Pasteurized
Ashbrook USA Spring Brook Farm Cow Washed Rind Raw
Bayley Hazen Blue USA Jasper Hill Farm Cow Blue Raw
Beaufort France Cow Alpine Raw
Beenleigh Blue United Kingdom Sheep Blue
Bergamino di Bufala Italy Quattro Portoni Bufala Bloomy Pasteurized
Berkswell United Kingdom Stephen and Tessa Fletcher Sheep Natural Raw
Bermuda Triangle USA Cypress Grove Chevre Goat Double Rind – Ash-Ripened & Bloomy Pasteurized
Big Rock Blue USA Central Coast Creamery Cow Blue
Big Woods Blue USA Shepherd’s Way Farms Sheep Blue
Bleu de Gex France Cow Blue
Bleu de Basques France Sheep Blue
Bleu des Causses France Cow Blue Thermized
Bleu d’Auvergne France Cow Blue Both
Boont Corners USA Pennyroyal Farmstead Sheep and Goat Natural Rind Raw
Burrata USA Di Stefano Cheese Cow Fresh Pasteurized
Butterkase USA Edelweiss Cow Pasteurized
Cabecou France Goat Bloomy Pasteurized
Cabot Clothbound USA Cabot Co-op and Jasper Hill Farm Cow Cheddar Raw
Cabra Blanca USA Avalanche Cheese Goat Natural Rind Pasteurized
Cabra Raiano Portugal Goat Semi-soft Thermized
Cabricharme Belgium Goat Washed Rind Raw, Organic
Cabrales Spain Cow and Goat or Sheep Blue Raw
Caerphilly United Kingdom Todd Trethowan Cow Natural Rind Raw
Camellia USA Redwood Hill Goat Bloomy Pasteurized
Cameo USA Redwood Hill Goat Bloomy Pasteurized
Camembert au Calvados France Graindorge Cow Washed Rind Pasteurized
Cana de Cabra Spain Lorenzo Abellan Goat Bloomy Pasteurized
Campo de Montalban Spain Cow, Goat & Sheep Natural Rind Pasteurized
Capricious USA Achadinha Cheese Goat Natural Rind Pasteurized
Carmody USA Bellwether Farms Cow Natural Rind
Cashel Blue Ireland Louis and Jane Grubb Cow Blue Pasteurized
Castelinhos Portugal Cow Washed Rind Pasteurized
Cave-Aged Marisa USA Carr Valley Sheep
Celtic Blue Reserve Canada Glengarry Fine Cheese Cow Blue Pasteurized
Challerhocker Switzerland Walter Rass Cow Alpine Thermalized
Cheshire United Kingdom Lance and Lucy Appleby Cow Natural Rind Raw
Chevrot France Goat Bloomy Pasteurized US – Raw France
Chimay Belgium Abbaye de Scourmont Cow Washed Rind Raw
Comte France Cow Alpine Raw
Coolea Ireland Dickie Willems Cow Gouda-style Pasteurized
Cornish Blue United Kingdom Philip and Carol Stansfield Cow Blue Pasteurized
Cornish Yarg United Kingdom Lynher Dairies Cheese Cow Leaf Wrapped Pasteurized
Coulommiers France Rouzaire Cow Bloomy Pasteurized
Crater Lake Blue USA Rogue Creamery Cow Blue Raw
Crottin USA Redwood Hill Goat Bloomy Pasteurized
Crottin USA Vermont Creamery Goat Fresh Pasteurized
Devil’s Gulch USA Cowgirl Creamery Cow Bloomy Pasteurized
Dunbarton Blue USA Roelli Cheese Cow Blue Cheddar Raw – April to October and Pasteurized the rest of the year.
Durrus Ireland Jeffa Gill Cow Washed Rind Raw
Essex Street Feta Greece 3rd Generation Producer Sheep Fresh Pasteurized
Estero Gold USA Valley Ford Creamery Cow Natural Rind Raw
Etorki France Sheep Natural Rind Pasteurized
Ewe’s Blue USA Old Chatham Shepherding Sheep Blue Pasteurized
Face Rock Premium Extra Aged USA Face Rock Creamery Cow Cheddar
Fiore sardo Italy Sheep Natural Rind Raw
Flagship USA Beecher’s Handmade Cheese Cow Cheddar Pasteurized
Flagship Reserve USA Beecher’s Handmade Cheese  Cow Cheddar Raw
Flagsheep USA Beecher’s Handmade Cheese Cow and Sheep Cheddar
Fourme d’Ambert France Cow Blue Both
Freya’s Wheel USA Briar Rose Creamery Goat Bloomy Pasteurized
Gabietou France Gabriel Bachelet Cow and Sheep Washed Rind
Gelso Toma di Bufala Italy Caseificio Moris Bufala Washed Rind
Ekte Gjetost Norway Goat Rindless
Gorgonzola Dolce Italy Cow Blue Pasteurized
Gorgonzola Picante Italy Cow Blue Pasteurized
Grand Cru Surchoix USA Emmi Roth Cow Alpine Pasteurized
Grayson USA Meadow Creek Dairy Cow Washed Rind Raw
Great Hill Blue USA Tim Stone Cow Blue Raw
Gubbeen Ireland Tom and Giana Ferguson Cow Washed Rind Pasteurized
Hafod United Kingdom BwlchwernenFawr Cow Cheddar Raw
Harbison USA Jasper Hill Farm Cow Bloomy Pasteurized
Haystack Peak USA Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy Goat Bloomy and Ash-ripened Pasteurized
Heublumen Switzerland Stadelmann Family Cow Alpine Raw
Hoch yBrig Switzerland Cow Alpine Raw
Holey Cow USA Central Coast Creamery Cow Alpine Pasteurized
Hornbacher Switzerland Michael Spycher Cow Alpine Raw
Hubaner Austria Cow Alpine Raw
Ibores Spain Goat Natural and Rubbed with Oil/Paprika
Inverness USA Cowgirl Creamery Cow Bloomy Pasteurized
Jeffs’ Select Gouda USA Jeff Wideman & Jeff Jirik Cow Gouda
Kasseri Greece Sheep & Goat Pasta Filata
Katherine United Kingdom White Lake Cheese  Goat Washed Rind Raw
Keen’s United Kingdom Keen’s Cow Cheddar Raw
Kinderhook Creek USA Old Chatham Sheepherding Company Sheep Bloomy
Kinsman Ridge USA Landaff Creamery Cow Washed Rind Pasteurized
Kunik USA Nettle Meadow Farm Goat & Cow Bloomy Pasteurized
Ladysmith USA Samish Bay Cheese Cow Fresh Pasteurized
Laguiole France Cow Natural Rind Raw
L’Amuse Gouda Holland Beemster Cow Gouda Pasteurized
Lancashire United Kingdom Kirkham Cow Natural Rind Unpasteurized
Landaff USA Landaff Creamery Cow Natural Rind Raw
Langres France Cow Washed Rind
Ledyard USA Meadowood Farms Sheep Washed Rind; leaf-wrapped Pasteurized
Leyden Holland Cow Gouda
Lincolnshire Poacher United Kingdom Simon Jones Cow Natural Rind Raw
Lionza USA Fiscalini Farms Cow Alpine Raw
Little Mountain USA Roelli Cheese Company Cow Alpine Heat-treated
Lorelei USA Briar Rose Creamery Goat Washed Rind Pasteurized
Lou Bren France Bergers du Larzac Sheep Washed Rind Heat-treated
Manchego Spain Sheep Waxed Both
Manchego Artisan Spain Sheep Waxed Raw
Manouri Greece Sheep & Goat Fresh Pasteurized
Matos St. George USA Matos Cheese Factory Cow Natural Rind Raw
Menuet USA Dancing Cow Cow Natural Rind Raw
Mimolette France Cow Natural Rind
Mona USA Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Co-op Sheep & Cow Pasteurized
Monterey Jack USA Schoch Family Cow Washed Rind Raw
Monte Enebro Spain Goat Ash-ripened Pasteurized
Montegrappa Italy Cow Natural Rind Pasteurized
Montgomery Cheddar United Kingdom Montgomery Cow Cheddar Raw
Morbier France Cow Washed Rind Raw
Moser Screamer Switzerland Ueli Moser Cow Bloomy Pasteurized
Mozzarella di bufala Italy Gustosella Bufala Pasta Filata Pasteurized
Munster France Cow Washed Rind Both
Mutton Button USA Old Chatham Sheepherding Company Sheep Bloomy Pasteurized
Nancy’s Hudson Valley Camembert USA Old Chatham Sheepherding Company Cow & Sheep Bloomy Pasteurized
Nicasio Square USA Nicasio Valley Cheese Company Cow Washed Rind
Oakdale Gouda USA Oakdale Cheese Cow Gouda Pasteurized
Old Quebec Vintage Cheddar Canada Cow Cheddar Thermalized
Oma USA Von Trapp Farmstead  Cow Washed Rind Raw
Pecorino Pepato Italy Sheep Natural Rind
Perail France Sheep Bloomy Pasteurized for USA
Persille de Rambouillet France La Ferme de la Tremblaye  Goat Blue Pasteurized
Pepato USA Bellwether Farms Sheep Natural Rind Raw
Petit Agour France Peio Etxeleku Sheep Natural Rind Pasteurized
Petit Vaccarinus Switzerland Cow Thermalized
Piave Italy Cow Natural Rind Pasteurized
Pico Melero Spain Sheep Natural Rind Raw
Picon Spain Cow and Sheep or Goat Blue
Pleasant Ridge Reserve USA Uplands Cheese Cow Alpine Raw
Promontory USA Beehive Cow Cheddar-style Pasteurized
Providence USA Goat Lady Dairy Goat Natural Rind Pasteurized
PsycheDillic USA Cypress Grove Chevre Goat Fresh Pasteurized
Pt. Reyes Original Blue USA Pt. Reyes Creamery Cow Blue Raw
Purple Haze USA Cypress Grove Chevre Goat Fresh Pasteurized
Queso de la Serena Spain Sheep Natural Rind Raw
Queen of Quality USA Grafton Village Cheese Cow Cheddar Raw
Reading USA Spring Brook Farm Cow Washed Rind Raw
Red Hawk USA Cowgirl Creamery Cow Washed Rind Pasteurized
Red Witch Switzerland Christian Oberli Cow Alpine Raw
Ricotta Salata Italy Sheep Rindless
Roncal Spain Sheep Natural Rind Raw
Roquefort France Gabriel Coulet Sheep Blue Raw
Rush Creek USA Uplands Cheese Cow Washed Rind Raw
Salva Cremasco Italy Ciresa
San Andreas USA Bellwether Farms Sheep Natural Rind Raw
Secret de Compostelle France Fromagerie Agour Sheep Natural Rind Pasteurized
Selles-sur-Cher France Jacquin Goat Ash Ripened Pasteurized for USA
Sharpham Rustic United Kingdom Sharpham Estates Cow Bloomy Thermalized
Shropshire Blue United Kingdom Cow Cheshire Blue Pasteurized
Silver Mountain USA Bravo Farms Cow Cheddar
Sleeping Beauty USA Cascadia Creamery Cow Natural Rind Raw, Organic
Sottocenere al Tartufo Italy Cow Ash Ripened Pasteurized
St. Albans USA Vermont Creamery Cow Bloomy Pasteurized
Stichelton United Kingdom Partnership with Neal’s Yard Cow Blue Raw
Stilton United Kingdom Colston Bassett Cow Blue Pasteurized
Stinking Bishop United Kingdom Charles Martell Cow Washed Rind Pasteurized
Tarentaise USA Spring Brook Cow Alpine Raw
Teleeka USA Tomales Farmstead Cow, Sheep and Goat Bloomy Pasteurized
Tete de Moine Switzerland Cow Alpine Raw
Tetilla Spain Cow Natural Rind Pasteurized for US
Tomino Italy Guffanti Cow Fresh Pasteurized
Tomme Crayeuse France Cow Natural Rind Pasteurized
Tomme Dolce USA Andante Dairy Goat Washed Rind
Tomme de Savoie France Cow Natural Rind Both
Torta del Casar Spain Sheep Washed Rind Raw
Truffle Tremor USA Cypress Grove Chevre Goat Bloomy Pasteurized
Tumbleweed USA 5 Spoke Cow Natural Rind Raw
Tulare Cannonball USA Bravo Farms Cow Edam-Style Raw
Tunworth United Kingdom Hedges & Spence Cow Bloomy Pasteurized
Vacherin Mont d’Or Switzerland Cow Washed Rind Raw
Valdeon Spain Cow Blue Raw
Valencay France Goat Ash-Ripened Both
Vermont Shepherd USA David Major Sheep Natural Rind Raw
Vully Rouge Switzerland Ewald Schafer Cow Alpine Thermalized
Wagon Wheel USA Cowgirl Creamery Cow Natural Rind Pasteurized
Wensleydale United Kingdom Hawes Cow Cheddar style Pasteurized
Winnimere USA Jasper Hill Farm Cow Washed Rind Raw
Windsor Blue New Zealand Whitestone Cow Blue Pasteurized
Zamorano Spain Sheep Natural Rind Raw
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