Lisa Futterman ACS CCP™ – Marcella The Cheesemonger International Guilde des Fromagers
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Lisa Futterman ACS CCP™

Lisa Futterman ACS CCP

Lisa Futterman ACS CCP

Lisa Futterman ACS CCP™ Bio

I came to cheese through my career as a professional chef, food journalist, and cooking teacher. I realized in 2007 that I wanted to focus on one culinary topic and become an expert…and since then it has been all about cheese.

I am Pastoral’s Manager of Wholesale Accounts, or as I call it, Wholesale Cheesemonger. I sell cheese to over 75 of Chicago’s finest restaurants and hotels and caterers out of our warehouse.

A typical work day starts with entering orders that came in from the chefs overnight. We gather the cheese and make decisions on which are the best ones to send out to each account. I talk to lots of chefs all day to help them manage their cheese program and procurement. Often I see customers in their restaurants and we do tastings together. I also work closely with our purchasing department to make sure we have every cheese our customers need in stock and in great condition.

I helped Pastoral created this department in 2008 and it has grown in a way I am so proud of.

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