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Jeanne Carpenter ACS CCP

Meet Jeanne Carpenter, ACS CCP™

Meet Jeanne Carpenter, ACS CCP™ I met Jeanne in 2010 at the ACS Conference in Seattle. I got lucky and worked with Jeanne, preparing cheese displays for the Festival of Cheese. Her tips on merchandising cheese proved invaluable in my career as a monger. In addition to thanking her for sharing her knowledge, I am

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Elena making cheese

Q&A with Elena Santogade ACS CCP®

Q&A with Elena Santogade ACS CCP® I first met Elena in early 2013 when she was a Monger at Beecher’s New York location in the Flatiron District. Kurt and Jena, my pals at Beecher’s invited me to come by and taste their then, new washed rind cheese made at that location and named after the

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Sartori Mac n Cheese Inspired By Yard House

So… a couple of weeks back The Man and I went to lunch at Yard House in Greenville, SC. If you don’t know Greenville, you should; it’s a foodie mecca about sixty miles from us – closer than Atlanta without the traffic nightmares. We don’t have Yard House in the PNW and although a “chain”,

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