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Sweet Grass Dairy Cheese Plate at Savannahs B. Matthews

Sweet Grass Dairy Cheese Plate at Savannah’s B. Matthews Eatery

Being “sort of” a Georgia Girl (having lived here much of my child/teen years and now back for the past year), Sweet Grass Dairy is a cheesemaker dear to my heart… my first introduction to Sweet Grass Dairy, however, was in 2010 at the ACS Conference in Seattle… where I got my first taste of

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Daniel Strongin

Meet Dan Strongin, Cheese Educator and Past ACS President

You may have noticed that many of the Cheese Professionals participating in the 2015 Virtual Q&A are fine folks I first met via the internet and particularly on Facebook. Dan Strongin is another of those friends… and yet I feel like I have known him for years… Dan is offering a free webinar this Saturday,

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Marin French Cheese Triple Creme with Orchard Choice Balsamic Pepper Fig Spread

I’d like to apologize for being remiss in posting… life continues to interrupt my plans…with continued thanks to John Lennon… As mentioned before, the good folks at California Valley Fig Growers graciously sent me four jars of their splendid fig spreads to be paired with four California Artisan Cheeses. I previously posted my pairing of Sierra

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