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Holiday Gifts Hand-Selected For Cheese Lovers

The Lady and I love cheese… and we spent today finding Cheese Gifts for all your holiday needs. As an Amazon Associate, we get a few pennies every time you purchase items using our website as your “portal” to amazon… thanks to each of you who support our website with purchases you make at amazon

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Champignon, the Mushroom Brie

Vegetarian – Suitable Cheese Kaserei, a German-based Cheesemaker, loves to add flavors to their Bries and triple crèmes. I think that’s a terrific idea…I’ll make a few of my own recommendations later in this post… Champignon, which means “mushroom” in German, is a luscious double crème with, you guessed it, mushrooms added. The mild mushroom flavor

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Encouraging and Nurturing the Next Generation of Foodies

The Lady really loves her career working at the Cheese Kiosk and that makes both The Man and The Cat very happy. When The Lady is happy she smiles and sings more (if only she could carry a tune, oh well, she tries…) and working in the Cheese Kiosk means she brings more cheese home for The

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