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Rogue Creamery’s Blue Heaven is Heavenly…

OK… I know it’s corny to call Blue Heaven “Heavenly” but it is what it is…

The kind folks at Rogue Creamery sent me a container of their latest creation, a blend of several of their award-winning blue cheeses made into a powder.  David and Cary worked on this concept for more than ten years, combining  Oregon Blue, Oregonzola, Crater Lake and some of their special reserve blues.

This unique powder is subtle with the nuances found in the cheese used to create it.IMG_20130629_141326_357

The Lady has used it in three different dishes this week:

  • Sprinkled on Prime New York Strips, both while marinating and after grilling for a perfect pairing of Blue Heaven and steak. (Costco now sells prime meat… fabulous flavor and affordable prices.)
  • Added to the coating she used on her tasty Southern Fried Chicken, holy smokes the blue cheese made her chicken better than before and The Man and I would have sworn that couldn’t and wouldn’t ever happen… her fried chicken is the recipe handled down from her grandmother to Miss Anne who handed it down to The Lady.
  • Sprinkled liberally on salad. It’s much too hot to cook today so The Lady combined lettuce with tomatoes, boiled eggs, grapes, almond slivers, Rick’s Picks Phat Beets, Sour Pickles and Sweet Pickles from the new Pickle Bar, blueberries, bacon and the rest of her Southern Fried Chicken, chopped. She topped hers with EVOO and O Honey and Apple Sparkling Cider. The Man used Champagne Dressing and I went with just plain Chicken… The Blue Heaven melded with the dressing to make both salads even tastier, according to The Lady.

Blue Heaven Blue Cheese Powder is shelf-stable which means you can enjoy the taste and flavor of Rogue Creamery Blues anytime you wish; just open your cabinet and ta da… blue cheese burgers; blue cheese mushrooms; blue cheese asparagus… amazing…

I give Blue Heaven 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

This is the new perfect “thing” in the cheese world… you can buy Blue Heaven in more specialty cheese shops or online by clicking on the icon below.

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