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Cheese of the Day: March 7 – Caciocavallo

Our Facebook Cheese Study Group will on some days have two cheeses of the day and March 7 happened to be one of them. Both cheeses were Italian-style; Parmigiano Reggiano presented by ACS CCP® Allin Tallmadge and Caciocavallo presented by ACS CCP® Adam Burstein. My sincere thanks to all our administrative team for their assistance in making our Cheese of the Day series successful and filled with useful information.

Here’s what Adam has to share about Caciocavallo:

I will be doing fresh cheese and pasta filata cheeses, so let’s start off with one of my favorite pasta filata ( stretched curd) cheeses.

Caciocavallo, a tear drop shaped cheese, which literally translates to “horse cheese”. The first mention of this cheese dates all the way back to around 500BC when the philosopher mentioned it when talking about Greek cheese. Around that time it was made by the Greeks and Romans, but now it is made only in Italy, mostly the southern part.

It can be made from cow or sheeps milk, with the PDO version only being made from cows milk. It gets its tear drop shape by placing a small oval on a bigger oval, and then it gets bounded and tied to hang from a wooden post to age. Perfect cheese for melting on some bread.

Below are some sites with more info if you want to learn more about it.…/ca…/Caciocavallo-Silano-DOP.html…/Caciocavallo-Podolico

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