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Announcing 2018 Cheese Industry Exam ** Mentorship Program

Cheese Study Group – ACS Conference Denver

Announcing 2018 Cheese Industry Exam ** Mentorship Program:

The FaceBook Cheese Study Group launches a Mentorship program for 2018 to assist those taking the 2018 Cheese Industry Exam. Another way for our members to “knit” our cheese family together.

Current CCPs™ will be teamed with 2018 Exam takers to assist them in preparing for the July 25th exam in Pittsburgh. If you are interested in sitting for the exam, everything you need to know is via link below.

Current CCPs™, please contact any group administrator to let us know you are available to help our next class of CCPs™. We will be limiting the number of mentorships to no more than 4 per group. CCPs™ can select their own venue to work with their groups: one-on-one question asking/answering, group online meetings, videos, etc.

During the coming weeks, I will also be contacting CCPs™ to solicit your participation (think: guilting you into helping).

Save the Day: February 10th

Once the applicants for the 2018 exam are set, we will begin to pair exam takers with mentors.

The Cheese Study Group will begin our annual review in early April with volunteers leading the discussion for each Domain.

Please share on all your social media platforms and with anyone who is a CCP or taking the 2018 exam.

**This program is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with the American Cheese Society.

On Saturday, February 10th, I’ll be co-hosting a Valentine’s Day Tasting of Cheese, Wine, Mead, Honey and Chocolate Pairings

with Blue Haven Bee Company. We’ll be pairing five cheeses plus a special Baked Brie Bite with Southern Origin Mead, Northeast Georgia wines and finish with a split of Italian Prosecco for each guest. The plate will include salami, local pecans roasted with Blue Haven Wildflower Honey, specialty chocolate and Kelly’s Jelly Blueberry Lemon Preserves. The cost per person is $40 and includes a Sweet Treat Favor Bag. Details here. Brie there or Brie square!!

If you are interested in learning more about beekeeping, please join the Lake Hartwell Beekeepers Association on February 24, 2018 for a day of beekeeping and hive education. For $50, you’ll enjoy 8 hours of seminars and events to help you start your own hive or simply learn more about honey and bees, the pollinators of 80% of our food crops and the only insect to make food for human consumption…. honey, beautiful honey.

The day will include lunch and door prizes along with classes led by local and award-winning beekeepers. Whether you are an established beekeeper or just getting started, this is a must-attend event at the First Baptist Church in Lavonia, Georgia.

Details for Beekeeping Short Course are located here, including speakers and costs.

Bee there or Bee square!!!

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