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Olives/Antipasti/Cheese Pairings

>The Lady gets lots of requests for pairings of cheese with olives and other antipasti items sold on the Olive Bars at Kroger, Murray’s Shops in Kroger Stores and Fred Meyer Cheese Kiosks and Delis. With guidance from Divina Olives, the Lady designed this chart for ease in pairing cheese with your favorite items on the olive bar to create a healthy antipasti platter.


Cheese Olive Antipasti Notes
Jarlsberg Green Cerignolas Both mild & buttery
Feta (Sheep) Kalamatas Fruitiness of olives pairs well with Tangy Sheep Feta
Camembert Green Mt. Athenos Again, both mild and buttery
Cabot Clothbound Cheddar Mt. Athenos stuffed with Garlic Sweet notes of garlic pair well with sweet, nuttiness of sharp cheddar
Emmenthal Mt. Athenos Stuffed with Citrus Citrus makes a nice balance to nutty, robust Emmenthal
Manchego Mt. Athenos Stuffed with Red Peppers Sweet, smoky peppers pair well with tangy sheep cheese
Comte French Cocktail Mix Herbal notes of this olive mix marries well with the sweet, nuttiness of Comte
Feta Greek Olive Mix Fruity Olive Mix and Tangy Feta: perfection
Chevre Mt. Athenos Olives with Sicilian Herbs Smooth herbal notes with tang of the goat cheese
Gruyere Cipolline Onions This combinations tastes like French Onion Soup
Goat Gouda Mt. Athenos Olives with Sicilian Herbs Sweet and Tangy Combination
Pecorino Romano Cipolline Onions The Balsamic Finish matches the salty notes of the Romano
Fresh Mozzarella Roasted Tomatoes Next best thing to garden-fresh tomatoes
Blue Cheese Peppadews Stuff these babies with the blue cheese… yummers
Chevre Roasted Red Peppers Smoky and Citrus Tang

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