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The first rule for cheese pairing is simple: If you think it tastes good together, then it’s a good pairing… that being said, there are a few tips to make pairing choices that go beyond what your palate prefers:

  1. “If it grows together; it goes together.” Foods that grow or are created in the same region generally pair well together; perhaps because they share the same dirt and the same air… for example, champagne is made in the same region of France famous for its fine Bries, Camemberts and Triple Cremes. The champagne bubbles lift the cream off the palate, cleansing it and preparing your mouth for more…
  2. “Opposites attract.” As with many couples, opposites in cheese and wine pairing can be sublime. Try a sweet port with blue cheese and the sweetness of the port and the saltiness of the cheese is… well.. it’s sublime.
  3. “Age does matter when pairing cheese and wine.” Young chevres pair well with light, young white wines; while aged and robust reds pair better with aged cheeses such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Aged Goudas and Aged Alpine Cheeses such as Gruyere or Comte.

I’ll be adding more tips in the next few days… now… gotta go watch Super Bowl 50. In the interim, check out my pairing charts.


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