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Shameless Self-Promotion…

Wheel of BellaVitano Chai and I

Wheel of BellaVitano Chai and I

… AKA What Other Cheese Nerds Are Saying About My Website and Me…

Everyone of us in the cheese biz has been called a variety of nicknames… imagine my surprise to discover that there are hundreds out there who think they are the “Queen of Cheese”… I’ve been called “Cheese Whiz”, “Cheese Goddess”, “St. Peter of Cheese Heaven” and of course, a few that I prefer to forget and never mention…

But every once in a while, someone sends praise my way that touches me and gives me that little something to believe what I am doing with my website and my pursuit of all things cheese is appreciated…

Here are a few:

“We use your website as a staff education resource in our department. It’s a great resource for my staff and member workers to learn more about the products they are working with and our profession. We truly appreciate the work you’ve done and your willingness to share knowledge. Thank you.” Jonathan Milks ACS CCP – Honest Weight Co-op, Albany NY

“This site (referring to FB Study Group) offers a lot of great information and Marcella Wright does a fantastic job of posting great infromation for those who are taking the exam.” Michael Landis, ACS CCP, ACS Certified Educator at GFI, Atlanta, Georgia

“Here’s a long distance hug I couldn’t make it this year… maybe next. So grateful for all of your study group I wouldn’t be a CCP without you.” Lori Durwar, ACS CCP®

“Study up my cheese peeps. Marcella Wright gives the best advice when it comes to prepping for this exam. My advice is to pay close attention to the details Marcella focuses on.” Jonathan Milks ACS CCP – Honest Weight Co-op, Albany NY

“Let me start, though, with a big shout out to Marcella Wright! Thank you for all you do to generate passion, energy, and high standards for the cheese industry. Your blog and the study group have been an invaluable resource for all of us preparing to take the test!” Tyler Frankenberg, Bedford Cheese Shop, CCP candidate, July 2017

“Just passed the CCP in July, 2015. I cannot thank Marcella enough. This FB page was incredibly helpful. She covered everything that was on the test and then some!” Michelle Glancey ACS CCP, Cheese Buyer, Whole Foods Markets, Chicago

“Omgosh! Awesome! You really are the cheese queen! I am changing my title to Cheese Princess!” Miranda McQuillan, Cheese Steward, Bakers, Omaha, Nebraska

“Marcella the Cheesemonger is one of my favourite cheese bloggers. Recently she ran an inspired piece on the favourite cheese journeys of cheese professionals.”  Adam Kirk, 

“Marcella, dear Fairy Godmother of the Cheese…  You do such good and important work for so many of us.  Thank you for everything.”Elizabeth Nerud, ACS CCP™

“Thank you for being one of my Cheese Sensei’s, going before, and sharing what you have learned.” Chris Luken, Cheesemonger, 

“Marcella Wright is making an important contribution to the chronicling of the American cheese community by interviewing makers, mongers and doers in the cheese biz. It’s a year-long project that is clearly a labor of love. Today she posted an interview with me. Thanks for including me Marcella! What an honor.” Tia Keenan, Chef Fromager and Food Industry Consultant

“Thanks for being a Cheese Guide :)” Frank Jones, Account Executive at Food Services of America

“Thanks again for your expertise and knowledge you shared with me and my team in Ann Arbor.” Adam Seilhamer, Cheese Master, Murray’s Cheese, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“I love reading about my fellow cheese peeps! Keep up the fantastic work!” Lara Mulchay, ACS CCP™

“Thanks Marcella! I live my life vicariously through your Facebook and Twitter feeds everyday!” Ed Reynolds, ACS CCP™

“We LOVE your site. SO much information.” Cheese+Provisions, Denver, Colorado

“… your site has been a huge help for me in studying for this year’s CCP exam… Thanks so much for all you’ve done!!!” Kendra Birdwell, Inside Sales at Gourmet Imports

“Thanks so much for all the wonderful information you have shared!” Crystal Schroeder, Sendiks Market

“Marcella, you are so awesome to help everyone out with studying and getting ready for the exam!!!” Brenda Van Vliet, Vancouver, British Columbia

“You have been a great support and inspiration!!”Ginger Henderson, Specialty Team Leader, Whole Foods Market, Oregon

“Marcella, I wanted to thank you again so much for all you have posted. It has been so motivating and helpful.”Amy Sisti-Baum, Grafton Village Cheese

“I’m not taking the test but my husband will be…He mentioned to me how helpful reading through the sample questions you posted has been for him.”Annie Cooper, Seattle, Washington

“Thank you for all of your resources, they have been a tremendous help!” Carolyn Niedzwiecki, Specialty Associate Team Leader, Whole Foods Markets, Los Angeles

“Hi Marcella! I wish you were going to ACS so I could give you a hug for all of the tips, notes, study guides, everything you’ve done to get us ready!” Liza Villamayor Starman, Cheese Specialist, Whole Foods Market, Clearwater, Florida (posted 7/23 – just before 2015 ACS Conference which I missed due to death in my family.)

“Marcella is the ST. Peter of cheese heaven. You piss her off … you don’t get in….” Iris Busjahn, ACS CCP (Not sure this is a compliment… but it’s funny…especially if you know the back story…)


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