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Lassa Skinner

Q&A with Culture Magazine Co-Founder and Cheese Educator, (Tha)Lassa Skinner

Tha(Lassa) Skinner, Co-Founder of Culture Magazine and Cheese Educator Lassa is one of my favorites. When Spaulding Gray (RIP) and I started this website as a cheese blog, Lassa became one of our biggest cheerleaders and earliest supporters.  She shared her knowledge and passion which fueled our early passion. Lassa generously and patiently answered our novice

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Nature's Harmony Farm's Fortsonia Brining in Aging Room

Marcella’s Excellent Cheese Adventure – A look at 2014

2014 brought more travel in the first half and transition in the second half. Here is a slideshow look at 2014: Cheeses I tasted; Places I visited; Cheese Swells and Friends I saw and met along the way… Next week, I begin showcasing Cheese Professionals including Mongers, Brokers, Vendors, ACS CCPs, Advocates, Ambassadors and Cheesemakers from

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