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Increasing Your Cheese IQ – Just the Facts

Since becoming an ACS Certified Cheese Professional™ in 2013, I have dedicated my “cheese time” to providing accurate cheese information to assist those taking the exam and those that simply want to increase their Cheese IQ. These are links to information I have been researching and creating to assist you in your cheese journey: 210

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Mull of Kintyre; Extra Mature Scottish Cheddar

Adrian of Coombe Castle USA recently sent me samples of Award-winning Scottish Extra Mature Mull of Kintyre Cheddar. It will soon be available in the United States. This posting is both a review of the cheese and a “teaching moment”… Let me get the “teaching moment” out-of-the-way first. Adrian contacted me via LinkedIn and advised

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Q&A with Culture Magazine Co-Founder and Cheese Educator, (Tha)Lassa Skinner

Tha(Lassa) Skinner, Co-Founder of Culture Magazine and Cheese Educator Lassa is one of my favorites. When Spaulding Gray (RIP) and I started this website as a cheese blog, Lassa became one of our biggest cheerleaders and earliest supporters.  She shared her knowledge and passion which fueled our early passion. Lassa generously and patiently answered our novice

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