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Sample Questions #11 – #20

my-books-169x300If you are studying for the ACS CCP test or simply interested in expanding your cheese knowledge, then check out these sample questions that I have compiled from several published sources including ACS sample questions and CMI Competition.

Answers will appear at the bottom of this article.

Sample Question #11: What type of culture grows better in higher temperatures?

A. Mesophilic
B Thermophilic
C. Rennet
D. Starter Culture

Sample Question #12: Which 28g serving of cheese is likely to be lowest in calories?

A. Fresh Mozarella
B. Emmenthal
C. Parmigiano Reggiano
D. Farmhouse Cheddar

Sample Question #13: Which rennet is the most traditional form used for cheesemaking?

A. Microbial
B. Vegetable
C. Animal
D. Human

Sample Question #14: Which cheese would you select to create a regional pairing with an Alsatian Pinot Gris (i.e. a wine of Alsace, France)?

A. Munster
B. Chevre
C. Comte
D. Roquefort

Sample Question #15: What is the best way to cut a rinded cheese?

A. Trim the rind.
B. Cut to evenly distribute the rind.
C. Brush the rind before cutting.
D. Cut unevenly to give customers a choice.

Sample Question #16: The earliest form of the modern AOC was designed to protect which cheese?

My study guides and documents for 2013 ACS CCP exam

My study guides and documents for 2013 ACS CCP exam

A. Roquefort
B. Comte
C. Cantal
D. Camembert

Sample Question #17: Which British county can you NOT legally produce Stilton in?

A. Nottinghamshire
B. Oxfordshire
C. Derbyshire
D. Leicestershire

Sample Question #18: Which country has the most name-controlled cheeses (PDO, AOC, DOP, DO)?

A. Italy
B. Great Britain
C. France
D. Spain

Sample Question #19: A Blue Cheese is pierced with needles for what purpose?

A. To inject mold.
B. Entry for air
C. To Kill mold
D. Entry for cheese mites

Sample Question #20: What is the recommended method for selecting cheese from existing inventory for restaurant cheese service?

A. By degree of ripeness
B. By cheese category
C. By cheese type
D. FIFO (First in, first out)

American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professional

American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professional

Answers: 11.) B    12.) A    13.) C    14.) A    15.) B    16.) A     17.) B     18.) C    19.) B    20.) A

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