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Sample Questions #21 to #30

my-books-169x300If you are studying for the ACS CCP test or simply interested in expanding your cheese knowledge, then check out these sample questions that I have compiled from several published sources including ACS sample questions and CMI Competition.

Answers will appear at the bottom of this article.

Sample Question #21: What is the term used for the annual movement of dairy livestock from valleys to alpine pastures?

A. Alpage
B. Transhumance
C. Sopra la Montagna
D. Transalpine migration

Sample Question #22: Which breed of goat, as recognized by American Dairy Goat Association, produces milk with the highest fat content?

A. Alpine
B. Saanen
C. Nubian
D. Toggenberg

Sample Question #23: Majorero is a DOC cheese originating from?

A. La Mancha
B. Cantabria
C. Canary Island
D. Balearic Island

Sample Question #24: Which of the following is a common maxim for proper rotation of cheese inventory for distributors and retailers alike?

A.) Last in, last out
B. ) First in, first out
C.) Buy less more often
D.) First in, last out

Sample Question #25: Starter cultures added to milk perform what primary function?

Trevor Thomas, ACS CCP

Trevor Thomas, ACS CCP

a.) Coagulation
B.) Fermentation
C.) Separation
D.) Formation

Sample Question #26: Which one of these cheeses is wrapped in grape leaves soaked in pear brandy?

A. Rogue River Blue
B. Capriole O’Banon
C. Valdeon
D. Up In Smoke

Sample Question #27: At its root, a HAACP plan is?

A. A means of identifying critical control points in a process
B. A method of establishing traceability in the event of a recall
C. A federally mandated requirement at all levels in the cheese industry
D. A system of quality-driven performance audits

Sample Question #28: Which group of cheeses must all be made with raw milk?

A. Cheddar, Reblochon de Savoie, Taleggio, Morbier
B. Comte, Mahon, Epoisses, Robiola Tres Latte
C. Parmigiano, Brie de Meaux, Banon, Pleasant Ridge Reserve
D. Stilton, Roquefort, Tarentaise, Queso de la Serena

Sample Question #29: Ammonia aroma in cheese is:

A. An indication that the cheese is nearing its maximum shelf life
B. Always dissipated after allowing the cheese to breath
C. A natural part of rind development
D. A sign that non-breathable wrap was used to store the cheese

Joy Park Ascher ACS CCP

Joy Park Ascher ACS CCP

Sample Question #30: Name the highest consumed AOC/PDO cheese in France.

A. Brie
B. Comte
C. Roquefort
D. Chevre

Answers: 21.) B     22.) C      23.) C    24.) B    25.) B     26.) A     27.) A     28.) C     29.) C     30.) B


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