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Sample Questions #31 to #40

Liz Nerud, ACS CCP

Liz Nerud, ACS CCP

If you are studying for the ACS CCP test or simply interested in expanding your cheese knowledge, then check out these sample questions that I have compiled from several published sources including ACS sample questions and CMI Competition.

Answers will appear at the bottom of this article.

Sample Question #31: What mineral in cheese works in conjunction with Vitamin d to promote healthy bones?

A.) Calcium
B). Riboflavin
C.) Phosphorous
D.) Retinol

Sample Question #32: Which two factors are key to pasteurizing milk?

A.) Time and temperature
B.) Milk and cheese type
C.) UHT and HTST
D.) Age and moisture

Sample Question #33: According to Max McCalman and David Gibbons from their book Mastering Cheese, a 4 ounce piece of solid farmhouse cheese supplies how much of the adult nutritional requirements for protein, fat, calcium and phosphorous?

A.) same as an egg
B.) more than half
C.) Less than half
D.) 100%

Sample Question #34: What constituent aspect of cheese has the greatest bearing on whether or not it will melt well?

A.) protein
B.) fat
C.) acidity
D.) lactose

Sample Question #35: Why milk is thermized in cheesemaking?

A.) introduces a desirable cooked flavor
B.) pasteurizes the milk using gentle heat
C.) kill all pathogens prior to cheesemaking
D.) reduce the overall bacterial load

Sample Question 36: Everything else being equal, which two cheeses give a clear illustration of the difference between a lactic-set cheese and a rennet-set one?

Tim Gaddis, ACS CCP and Guilde des Fromagers Garde et Jure

Tim Gaddis, ACS CCP and Guilde des Fromagers Garde et Jure

A.) Cantal and Salers

B.) Livarot and Pont L’eveque

C.)Brie de Melun and Brie de Meaux

D.) Epoisses de Bourgogne and Affidelice


Sample question 37: Which cheese most directly inspired the recipe for Pleasant Ridge Reserve?

A.) Comte

B.) Appenzeller

C.) Gruyere

D.) Beaufort

Sample Question 38: A cheese becomes ammoniated when:

A.) Proteins breakdown faster than the cheese is able to dissipate the ammonia

B.) Fats breakdown faster than the cheese is able to dissipate the ammonia

C.) Ammonia becomes bound to the salt

D.) The fat and protein become out of balance with the salt

Sample Question #39: At what age are Parmigiano Reggiano cheeses inspected and graded for quality?

A. At least 14 months
B. 12-14 months
C. 12 months
D. Anytime before 20 months

Tumalo Farms' Aging Room

Tumalo Farms’ Aging Room

Sample Question #40: Jasper Hill Farm is known for its herd for Ayrshire cows. For what reason was this breed chosen?
A. The animals are more compact, and better suited to walking the steep hills of northern Vermont
B. Their milk yield is lower but the fat and protein content higher than any other breed
C. The fat globules are smaller, and the milk less prone to flavors of rancidity.
D. The breed was created in northern France expressly for cheese and butter production.

Answers: 31.) A       32.) A     33.) B     34.) C      35.) D     36.) C    37.) D     38.) A   39.) C     40.) C

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