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Rogue Creamery’s Blue Cheese Dessert Tray

Recently after dinner, I chose to serve a blue cheese tray filled with wonderful cheeses sent my way from David and Chelsea at Rogue Creamery. It turned out to be the perfect ending to a perfect evening with family and friends. A couple of my guests were surprised at this choice for “dessert” but after

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Cheese of the Day: April 15: Grand Cru Surchoix

This week on Alpine Saturday: Grand Cru Surchoix by Emmi Roth USA presented by ACS CCP® Pat Polowsky: This cheese was declared the World Champion at the 2016 World Championship Cheese Contest. Quick facts Milk type: cow Age: 9 months+ The flavor of Grand Cru Surchoix is tailored more towards the American palate: sweeter and

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Murray’s Cheese Holiday and Cave Aged Baskets

It’s still 10 days to Christmas which means there are 8 days left to order specialty cheeses from Murray’s, New York’s oldest and most famous Cheese Shop. As many of you know, I worked for Kroger, opening 75+ Murray’s Cheese Shops throughout the US. It was quite an amazing gig and I thank Rob, Nathan

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