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Marilyn Monroe’s Life and Death

The Man became fascinated with the death of Marilyn Monroe not long after the tragic events of August 4, 1962.

Throughout the last 50 years, he couldn’t let go of the nagging questions he had. Finally, more than a decade ago, he began researching; reading; viewing anything and everything that dealt with her life; but especially her death…

Coroner’s Cold Case 81128: Marilyn Monroe is the result of his research, his questions and his passion to find the truth.

“When Marilyn died there was much concern as to whether her death was an accident, a suicide, or a murder. There is evidence supporting each of the three possibilities but it’s all too confusing to arrive at a definite conclusion. That’s because a good deal of mis-information was beimg distributed on purpose in order to cover up the truth. This book analyzes the availavble information, rejects the lies while retaining the truthful testimony, and clears up the fifty year old mystery. After you have read this book you’ll know what happened to the famous movie sex-symbol. For those who know nothing about the star’s life, it begins with Marilyn’s biography, moves on to the event filled night she died, and then studies the testimony of her friends, lovers and business contacts. It covers the opinions of the Police, the powerful men in the world of Entertainemnt and the Federal Government. By comparing those opinions to the lies and misinformation that was passed around through rumors and the media, the true story of what happened to the star on that August night in 1962 appears. It is a shocking story – violent, sex-charged, and extremely sad. When you have fvinished fthis book you’ll know how and why Marilyn died.”

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