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Sartori Cheese, Spaulding Gray and The Lady

bellavitano cognacContinuing with more of our favorite cheesemakers… up next… Sartori Cheese. So many great cheeses and even more accommodating with their time. Below is the list of Sartori Cheeses we have tasted and reviewed, followed by recipes using their wonderful cheeses. You can also see the video Sartori made memorializing my day last summer at the Antigo plant and Spaulding’s interview with Jim Sartori.

Sartori Asiago Salsa20140521_190934-001

Sartori Asiago with Basil and Olive Oil

Sartori Asiago with Rosemary and Olive Oil

Sartori Bellavitano Gold 

Sartori BellaVitano with Balsamic

Sartori Bellavitano Gold w/ Black Pepper 

Sartori Cannella BellaVitano 

Sartori Chai BellaVitano

Sartori BellaVitano Gold with Cognac

Sartori Bellavitano Gold with Raspberry Ale

Sartori Bellavitano Gold with Balsamic BathIMG_20140105_171745_769

Sartori Bellavitano Gold with Merlot 

Sartori Cognac BellaVitano 

Sartori Cognac Bellavitano (ACS Profile)

Sartori Espresso BellaVitano

Sartori Extra Aged Asiago 

Sartori Family Heirloom 18-Month BellaVitano

Sartori Pastorale Blend

Sartori Dolcino Gorgonzola 

Sartori MontAmore  

Blue Moose of Boulder’s MontAmore and Roasted Red Pepper Spread


Sartori SarVecchio

SarVecchio Parmesan (Sartori) 

Recipes using Sartori Cheeses:

Bella Pasta – using BellaVitano Gold Reserve

Fresh Greens with Sartori Dolcino Gorgonzola, EVOO and O Honey Sparkling Apple Vinegar 

Italian Frico with Sartori MontAmore 

Merlot Bellavitano Pancake with BlueberriesIMG_20131014_175333_956

Sartori Gorgonzola Dolcino Dressing

Sartori Gorgonzola Dolcino with Chicken Penne 

Sartori Merlot Bellavitano and Blueberry Pancake

Sartori Raspberry Bellavitano Cheesecake 

My Day at Sartori’s Antigo Plant 

Video of My Day at Antigo – thanks again for having me… one of my best “Cheese Days” ever…

Spaulding’s Interview with Jim Sartori

In case you haven’t figured it out… yes, I do have a Cheese-Crush on Sartori… it’s not like it’s a bad thing…

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