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2011 ACS Award-Winning Cheeses We Reviewed Here on the Website

Most of the Cheese Awards have been given for 2011 with the best being saved for last. On December 29, 2011, I will announce my Bi-Annual Feline Foodie Awards to the best and worst cheeses I have encountered in the past two years. If you like to review the cheese that won in 2009, click here.

I thought you, my loyal readers, might like to read some of the reviews I wrote for 2011 Awards Winners at the American Cheese Society Conference this past August.

American Cheese Society 2011 Winners:

Rogue's Cary Bryant and David Gremmels at Bra Cheese

Best of ShowRogue River Blue from Rogue Creamery in Central Point, Oregon. The Lady and I are quite fond of the Cheesemakers at Rogue Creamery. The Lady made cheese with them this past August (she got to do things that wouldn’t mess up the cheese…) and then she also got to hang out with them at the SlowFood Cheese Festival in Bra, Italy… do you see as much wrong with this picture as I do??? I was left behind, both times… this concept of me doing all the heavy-lifting around here with the website and The Lady getting all the glory and the perks… well it’s just wrong…but I digress…

Second Place – (Tie) – Carr Valley’s Cave Aged Marisa – created and made by the most decorated Cheesemaker in the world. Everytime we turn around, Sid Cook is winning another award. Like Elvis’s Graceland Shrine, Sid must have a “trophy room” the size of a football field filled with ribbons and trophies…

Winners in Their Respective Classes:

Crave Brothers Farmstead – Mascarpone – The Lady has visited the Crave Brothers Far twice and both time got treated to a chocolate cheesecake made using this Mascarpone… yummers… although I wouldn’t personally know because , as usual, I was left at home… again…

Vermont Butter and Cheese- Mascarpone from another good friend, Allison Hooper and her business partner, Bob Reese. Again, The Lady and Allison got to hang at the Bra Cheese Festival…

Cowgirl Creamery’s – Mt. Tam – The Man and I have never met a triple creme cheese we didn’t love and this one is no exception. And although, I realize I am starting to sound bitter… The Lady also spent time in Bra, Italy with Peggy and Sue, the two fabulous women who make this cheese…

Vermont Butter and Cheese  – Coupole – reviewed while I was “grounded” by The Lady following “The Famous Smoking Incident”…

Cypress Grove  – Humboldt Fog – yep, The Lady got to hang with Mary her husband, Roger, in Italy… has The Lady no shame…

Carr Valley – Mellage

Vermont Butter and Cheese – Cremont

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese – Flagsheep – The Lady snagged a wedge of this cheese when she attended the ACS Conference in Seattle and got to make cheese at Beecher’s (remember the cheesemakers let her do stuff that wouldn’t mess up the cheese…) – and yes, once more I was left out of the festivities… although that trip, I was at least in Seattle with The Lady and The Man… Beecher’s makes my favorite cheese, No Woman… I can’t live without it…

Sartori  – Reserve Bellavitano Gold 

"Making" Cheese at Beecher's


Sartori  – Pastorale Blend 

Beehive Cheese – Barely Buzzed 

Rogue Creamery – Chocolate Stout

Beecher’s – Marco Polo

Beecher’s Four-Year Flagship

Tillamook County Creamery – Vintage White Extra Sharp Cheddar – This is the “Everyday” cheddar at the manse. You can check out our other “Everyday Cheeses” by clicking here. And here’s a link to a recipe using this terrific cheese.

Beecher’s – Flagship Reserve – wow!!! Brad and Kurt are racking up a lot of awards!!! WooHoo!!!

DCI – Black River Gorgonzola 


Hook’s – Little Boy Blue – I didn’t particularly like the wedge we had… perhaps we bought a piece that was past its prime…

Rogue Creamery – Echo Mountain – One of the goat’s that supplied the milk for this cheese got a little too frisky with The Lady when she visited the farm.

Emmi-Roth’s – Gran Queso – In 2009, The Lady went to Wisconsin and helped make a batch of this cheese… you know what she really did… and again, I wasn’t allowed inside the cheese plant… that ole silly “No Pets Allowed” crapola… I stowed away on the plane but The Lady made me stay in the hotel room the entire time… what’s up with this attitude toward the far superior species…

BelGioioso – Burrata – Now this is one serious cheese. I could eat this everyday…

Sartori – Reserve Black Pepper Bellavitano

Beecher’s – Smoked Flagship


Tumalo Farms – Classico 

Vermont Butter and Cheese – Crottin


The Frisky Echo Mountain Goat

Sartori Reserve Merlot Bellavitano

Vermont Butter and Cheese Creme Fraiche

Vermont Butter and Cheese – Cultured Butter

LaClare Farms – Evalon

Uplands Cheese – Pleasant Ridge Reserve – OK, last time I’ll whine… The Lady shared a beer with Andy Hatch, the cheesemaker while in Italy for the Bra Cheese Festival… so very annoying… and yet I’m not bitter… well, maybe a little…

Consider Bardwell – Rupert

Widmers Cheese Cellar – Washed Rind Traditional Brick

 Up next: 2011 World Cheese Award Winners and my reviews of each…


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