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Meet the Cheesemakers Interviews

Left, Mary Keehn and right Judy Schad, Award-Winning Cheesemakers

Left, Mary Keehn and right Judy Schad, Award-Winning Cheesemakers

We began in June 2013, interviewing Cheese Makers from the United States and around the world. Many of them, The Lady and I know; some we contacted “blind” and a few came to us through referrals.

New interviews resumed in 2015.

We are thrilled to share with you our interviews. They appear in our “It’s Sunday Morning: Time to Talk Cheeses” series.

We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed doing them:

January 9, 2015: Meet Allison Hooper, Cheesemaker and Co-Owner, Vermont Creamery

January 22, 2015: Meet Marieke Penterman: Grand Champion 2013 US Cheese Championship 

2013: Cheesemaker Interviews:

David Gremmels, Rogue Creamery

Kerry Henning, Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese

Jim Sartori, Sartori Cheeses

Mary Quicke, Quicke Traditional Cheese

John Fiscalini, Fiscalini Farmstead Cheeses

Kurt Dammeier, Beecher’s Handmade Cheeses 

Mathew Willey of Sweet Grass Dairy 

Burke Brandon of Red Hill Cheese, Australia 

Rhonda Gothberg of Gothberg Farms

Stephen Hueffed of Willapa Hills Farmstead Cheese

Vicky Brown of Little Brown Farm

Andy Hatch of Uplands Cheese Company 

Craig Gile of Cabot Creamery

Lionel Giraud, A Charming Frenchman

Mary Keehn of Cypress Grove Chevre

Ivan Gligora of Gligora Creamery – Croatia

Sid Cook of Carr Valley Cheese

Rob Kaufelt of Murray’s Cheese

Bob Stetson of Westfield Farm 

Tom Flournoy of Tom’s Tiny Kitchen


Previously published interviews with Cheese Makers and other Celebrities:

Burke Brandon Interview from Know Your Cheese Network

Herb Eckhouse, Owner of LaQueria Meats

Mike Wright, Beer Enthusiast

Ron Smith Interview

Cheese Professional Interviews will continue throughout 2015… sometimes, they will be “stand-alone” and sometimes they will be presented as virtual round-table discussions with several Cheese Professionals answering the same question. Those participating include Cheesemakers, ACS CCPs™Cheesemongers and Cheese Professionals and Experts who contribute to this Wonderful World we call “Cheese”.

List of all Interviews from 2013: Cheesemakers, Cheesemongers.

List of 2015 Cheese Professionals.

List of all Cheese Professionals Bios.

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Join the Cheese of Choice Coalition!!

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