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Raw Milk Cheeses

UPDATED 12/05/2014 (New entries at bottom of list) – New format and 262 cheeses that are all made using raw milk (as defined by the US FDA). (Links to cheeses we have reviewed will be added in the coming days… stay tuned… or look for links on the “Cheese Index” tab above.)

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Cheese Milk Type Rennet Raw or Pasteurized
Abondance Cow Animal Raw
 Mahon Cow Animal Both*
Abbaye de Tamie Cow Animal Raw
Allgauer Emmentaler Cow Animal Raw
Appalachian (Meadow Creek) Cow Animal Raw
Appenzeller Cow Animal Raw
Appleby’s Cheshire Cow Vegetarian Raw
Ascutney Mountain Cheese Cow Vegetable Raw
Asiago Cow Animal Raw
Autor Goat Vegetable Raw
Azeitao Sheep Vegetable Raw
Banon Goat Animal Raw
Bayley Hazen Blue Cow Animal Raw
Bear Hill (Grafton) Sheep Microbial Raw
Beaufort Cow Animal Raw
Berkswell Sheep Animal Raw
Big Sky Grana (Bleu Mont Dairy) Cow Raw
Bitto Cow + 10-20% goat Animal Raw
Bleu d’Auvergne Cow Animal Raw
Bleu de Gex Haut Jura Cow Animal Raw
Bleu des Causses Cow Animal Raw
Bleu Mont Dairy Bandaged Cheddar Cow Raw
Blu del Moncenisio Cow Animal Raw
Blue Heaven (Rogue Creamery)** Cow Microbial Raw
Boerenkaas Cow Microbial Raw
Boerenkaas (WVCC) Cow Microbial Raw
Bra Cow Animal Both*
Branzi Cow Animal Raw
Brie Cow Animal Both*
Brie de Meaux Cow Animal Both*
Brie de Meulen Cow None Raw
Brinz Sheep Raw
Cabecou de Roncamadour Goat Animal Both*
Cabrales Cow Animal Raw
Cacio Fiore Sheep Vegetable Raw
Caciocavallo Silano Cow Animal Raw
Caerphilly Cow Animal Raw
Caerphilly (Gothberg Farms)** Goat Animal Raw
Camembert Cow Animal Both*
Canestrato Pugliese Sheep Animal Raw
Cantal Cow Animal Both*
Caprino Romano (Gothberg Farms)** Goat Animal Raw
Cardo Goat Vegetable Raw
Carmody Reserve (Bellwether Farms) Cow Vegetable Raw
Casciotta d’Urbino 75% Sheep/25% Cow Animal Raw
Castelmagno Cow Animal Raw
Castelo Branco Sheep Vegetarian Raw
Caveman (Rogue Creamery)** Cow Microbial Raw
Chabichou du Poitou Goat Animal Raw
Chaource Cow Animal Raw
Cheddar Generally Cow Both Both*
Cheddar All Both Both
Cheddar Aged (Gothberg Farms)** Goat Animal Both
Cheshire Cow Vegetable Raw
Chevrotin des Aravis Goat Animal Raw
Comte Cow Animal Raw
Constant Bliss Cow Animal Raw
Cookville Grana (Blythedale Farms) Cow Raw
Coopertown Cheese Company Raw
Cotija Cow Animal Both*
Crater Lake (Rogue Creamery)** Cow Microbial Raw
Crema de Blue (Valley Shepherd Creamery) Cow and Sheep Animal Raw
Crescenza Cow Animal Both*
Crottin de Chavignol Goat Animal Raw
Crowley Cheese Raw
Curio Bay Pecorino Sheep
Dancing Fern (Sequatchie Cove) Cow Raw
Delice de Bourgogne Cow Animal Both*
Dorset Blue Cow Animal Raw
Drunken Hooligan (Cato Corner) Cow Animal Raw
Durrus Cow Animal Raw
Dutchman’s Flat (Juniper Grove) Goat Raw
Echo Mountain (Rogue Creamery)** Cow and Goat Microbial Raw
Emmental Cow Animal Raw
Epoisses Cow Animal Both*
Erronkariko gazta Sheep Animal Raw
Evalon (LaClare Farms) Goat Microbial Raw
Evora Sheep Vegetable Raw
Farmstead Cheddar (Greens of Glastonbury) Cow Microbial Raw
Farmstead Gouda (WVCC) Cow Microbial Raw
Feta Goat & Sheep Animal Both*
Fiore Sardo Sheep Animal Both
Fiscalini Bandage Wrapped Cheddar** Cow Animal Raw
Fiscalini Farmstead Cheese Company** Cow Vegetable Raw
Flagship (Raw version)** Cow Microbial Raw
Flagship Reserve (Raw version)** Cow Microbial Raw
Fontina Valle d’Aosta Cow Animal Raw
Formagella del Luinese Goat Animal Raw
Formaggio di Fossa di Sogliano Sheep & Cow or both Animal Both
Formatge de Mallorca Cow, Goat, Sheep Animal Raw
Formei de Mut dell’Alta Val Brembana Cow Animal Raw
Forsterkase Cow Animal Raw
Fourme d’Ambert Cow Animal Raw
Fourme de Montbrison Cow Animal Raw
Full Moon (Beehive Cheese) Cow Vegetable Raw
Gabietou Cow, Sheep Animal Raw
Gailtaler Almkase Cow Animal Raw
Gorgonzola Cow Animal Both*
Gorgonzola Dolce Cow Animal Both*
Gorwydd Caerphilly (Todd Trethowan) Cow Animal Raw
Gouda Various Both Both*
Gouda Aged (Gothberg Farms)** Goat Animal Both
Grafton 2-year extra sharp Cheddar Cow Raw
Grana Padano Cow Animal Raw
Grayson (Meadow Creek) Cow Animal Raw
Great Hill Blue (Great Hill Dairy) Cow Microbial Raw
Gruyere (Cave-Aged) Cow Animal Raw
Gruyere (Gothberg Farms)** Goat Animal Raw
Gruyere de Savoie Cow Animal Raw
Halloumi Sheep and Goat Microbial Both
Hannah (Ancient Heritage) Cow and Sheep Animal Raw
Hoch Ybrig Cow Animal Raw
Hooligan Cow Animal Raw
Hudson Red Cow Microbial Raw
Ibores Goat Animal Raw
Idiazabal Sheep Animal Raw
Idiazabal Gazta Sheep Animal Raw
Ilbesa’s Aged Sheep Milk Cheese Sheep Raw
Ilbesa’s Mature Sheep Milk Cheese Sheep Raw
Jersey Blue (Blythedale Farms) Cow Raw
Jersey Blue (Willi Schmid) Cow Vegetable Raw
Kickapoo (Ludwig Farmstead Cheese) Cow Animal Raw
La Luna (Blue Ledge Farm) Goat Raw
Laguiole Cow Animal Raw
Lancanshire Cow Animal Both*
Landaff Cow Animal Raw
l’Etivaz Cow Animal Raw
Lincolnshire Poacher Cow Animal Raw
Livarot Cow Animal Raw
Maconnais Goat or Cow Animal Raw
Majorero (Similar to Manchego) Goat Animal (lamb) Raw
Manchego Sheep Animal Both*
Marieke Aged Gouda Cow Animal Raw
Maytag Blue Cow Vegetable Raw
Mecox Sunrise Cow Raw
Middlebury Blue (Blue Ledge Farm) Cow Raw
Mild Cheddar (Alta Dena) Cow Microbial Raw
Monte Veronese Cow Animal Raw
Montgomery Cheddar Cow Animal Raw
Moonglo (Prairie Fruits Farm) Goat Animal Raw
Mopsy’s Best (Black Sheep Creamery) Sheep Raw
Morbier Cow Animal Both*
Mountina (Vintage Cheese of Montana) Cow Microbial Raw
Mountina Mocha (Vintage Cheese of Montana) Cow Microbial Raw
Munster-Gerome Cow Animal Both*
Naked Goat Goat Raw
Nisa Sheep Vegetarian Raw
Oka Cow Animal Both*
Old Kentucky Tome (Capriole) Goat Animal Raw
Oregon Blue (Rogue Creamery)** Cow Microbial Raw
Oregonzola (Rogue Creamery)** Cow Microbial Raw
Original Blue (Point Reyes) Cow Vegetable Raw
Ossau-Iraty Sheep Animal Both*
Parmesan (Gothberg Farms) Goat Animal Raw
Parmigiano Reggiano Cow Animal Raw
Paski Sir** Sheep Microbial Raw
Paski Sir** Sheep Microbial Raw
Pastures (Saxon Homestead) Cow Raw
Pawlet Goat Microbial Raw
Pawlet (Consider Bardwell) Goat Microbial Raw
Pecorino Romano Sheep Animal Both*
Pecorino Sardo Sheep Animal Raw
Pecorino Sicillano Sheep Animal (lamb) Raw
Pecorino Toscano Sheep Animal Both
Pelardon des Cevennes Goat Animal Raw
Pepato (Bellwether Farms) Sheep Animal Raw
Piacentinu Ennes Sheep Raw
Picon Bejes Treveso Cow, Goat, Sheep Lactic Acid Raw
Pleasant Ridge Reserve (Uplands)** Cow Animal Raw
Pont l’Eveque Cow Animal Both*
Pouligny-Saint-Pierre Goat Animal Raw
Pride of Bacchus Sheep Animal Raw
Provolone del Monaco Cow Raw
Queixo de Tetilla Cow Both
Queso de flor Cow, Goat, Sheep Vegetable Raw
Queso de la Serena Sheep Vegetable Both*
Queso de las Alpujarras Goat or Mixed Animal Both
Queso Nata de Cantabria Cow Animal Raw
Queso Palmero Goat Animal (Goat) Raw
Quesu Casin Cow Animal Raw
Quesu d’Afega’l pitu Cow Raw
Quesu de Gamonedo Cow Animal Raw
Quesucos de Liebana Cow, Goat, Sheep Animal Raw
Quicke’s Clothbound Cheddar Cow Raw
Raclette Cow Animal Both*
Ragusano Cow Animal Raw
Raschera Cow Raw
Reading Cow Animal Raw
Reblochon de Savoie Cow Animal Raw
Red Leicester Cow Animal Raw
Red Leicester (Sparkenhoe) Cow Animal Raw
Red Meck (Finger Lakes Farmstead Cheese Company) Cow Microbial Raw
Riley’s Coat (Blue Ledge Farm) Goat Animal Raw
Robiola di Roccaverano Goat Animal Raw
Rogue River Blue ** Cow Microbial Raw
Roncal Sheep Animal Raw
Roquefort Sheep Animal Raw
Rupert (Consider Bardwell) Cow Microbial Raw
Rush Creek (Uplands)** Cow Animal Raw
Saint Maure de Touraine Goat Animal Both*
Saint Nectaire Cow Animal Both*
Salers Cow Raw
Salva Cremasco Cow Animal Raw
San Andreas (Bellwether Farms) Sheep Animal Raw
San Joaquin (Fiscalini)** Cow Vegetable Raw
Sao Jorge Cow Animal Raw
Sbrinz Cow Animal Raw
Scharfe Maxx Cow Animal Raw
Schuyler Gouda (Finger Lakes Farmstead Cheese Company) Cow Microbial Raw
Scio (Ancient Heritage) Sheep Raw
Selles-sur-Cher Goat Animal Both*
Serpa Sheep Vegetable Raw
Serra da Estrella Sheep Vegetable Raw
Sharp Cheddar (Rogue Creamery) Cow Microbial Raw
Shelburne Farms Cow Raw
Single Gloucester Cow Vegetarian Raw
Smoky Blue (Rogue Creamery)** Cow Microbial Raw
Spenwood Sheep Vegetable Raw
St. George (Matos Cheese) Cow Vegetable Raw
Sterling Reserve (Mt. Sterling Cheese Co-op) Goat Chymosin Raw
Stichelton Cow Animal Raw
Tarentaise Cow Animal Raw
Tarentasie (Thistle Hill) Cow Animal Raw
Tete de Moine Cow Animal Raw
Thomasville Tomme (Sweet Grass Dairy)** Cow Animal Raw
Toggenburger Cow Animal Raw
Tome des Bauges Cow Raw
Tomme Chevre Aydius Goat Raw
Tomme de Levezou Sheep Raw
Tomme de Savoie Cow Animal Raw
Tomme Vaudoise Cow Animal Raw
Torta del Casar Sheep Vegetable Raw
Tumalo Tomme (Juniper Grove Farm) Goat Animal Raw
Twig Farm Washed Wheel Goat with a little cow added on occasion Animal Raw
Vacherin du Haub-Doubs Cow Animal Raw
Vacherin Fribourgeois Cow Animal Raw
Vacherin Mont d’Or Cow Animal Raw
Valencay Goat Animal Both*
Valtellina Casera Cow Raw
Vastedda della Valle del Belice Sheep Animal (Lamb) Raw
Vermont Shepherd (Major Farm) Sheep Vegetable Raw
Vermont White Cheddar (Hoffman) Cow Raw
Villajos Artisan Manchego Sheep Animal Raw
West Country Farmhouse Cheddar Cow Animal Raw
Winnimere (Jasper Hill Farm) Cow Animal Raw
Woman of LaMancha (Gothberg Farms)** Goat Animal Raw
Zimbro Sheep Vegetable Raw

Appel Farm Raw Milk Gouda

Appleby’s Cheshire from Neal’s Yard

Ascutney Mountain

Bandaged Cheddar (Fiscalini)

Bayley Hazen Blue from the Cellars at Jasper Hill

Bear Hill (Grafton Village Cheese)

Beecher’s Flagship Raw

Blue Ledge Farm’s Riley’s Coat

Blue Mont’s Bandaged Cheddar

Borough Market Farmhouse Cheddar (Mary Quicke)

Cabot’s Clothbound Cheddar from the Cellars at Jasper Hill

Cascadia Creamery’s Glacier Blue

Cascadia Farms’ Sleeping Beauty 

Cheshire – Appleby’s from Neal’s Yard

El Cantu – Cow – Raw 

Etivaz – Cow – Animal – Raw

Fortsonia (Nature’s Harmony)

Glacier Blue – Cow – Animal – Raw

Great Lakes Cheshire – Cow – Animal – Raw

Lou Bergier Pichin – Cow – Vegetable – Raw 

Marieke Goudas

Meule de Savoie

Northern Gold (Pedrozo Dairy) 

Rogue Creamery Raw Milk Cheddar

Sonoma Creamery 4-Year Cheddar – Cow – Microbial – Raw


** Indicates we have an interview with the Cheesemaker here on the website. The entire list of interviews can be accessed by clicking here.

Links to my other cheese databases: 281 cheeses you should know165 more cheeses to know and 178 vegetarian suitable cheeses. For reviews, click on the “Cheese Index” tab above this post.

Many European cheeses are made with raw milk for their own market and with pasteurized milk for the USA market, due to FDA regulations regarding raw milk cheeses.

My thanks to the following websites which I used for research: Culture Magazine, Janet Fletcher’s “Cheese Course”Cowgirl Creamery,Cheese.comAgraria.orgMurray’s Cheese , the numerous websites of producers and cheesemakers and World Cheese Book by Juliet Harbutt (which you can buy by clicking on the amazon.com icon below.


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