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The Protected Cheeses of Spain

Protection Icons

List updated as of 12/31/2014 – this list includes all cheeses that have applied for protection and/or have been granted protection. Please refer to The EU DOOR list for clarification of current status.

Several countries in Europe and the European Union promote and protect certain agricultural products and foodstuffs. For more information on this practice, please read my posting.

The EU has three levels of designation (Icons are shown above): Protected Designation of Origin (PDO); Protected geographical Indication (PGI) and Traditional Specialty Guaranteed (TSG). You can also visit the European Commission’s page regarding geographical indication and lists of all designated cheeses, wines and other products.

While studying for the ACS CCP exam in 2013 and mentoring candidates in 2014, I studied and stressed the importance of understanding the European Union’s protection of certain foods stuffs; for the exam, specifically the cheeses. The countries that I concentrated on were France, Italy, Spain, England and to a lesser extent, Portugal. In updating my postings and pages for the “Cheese” category I wanted to make sure my information was correct and updated and in doing my research I discovered so many other countries that have protected cheeses. In addition to the complete list below, I have created addition “Sub-Category” pages which break the list into countries and/or regions.

I have reviewed some of these cheeses and you can read my reviews via the provided links. Many more are included in my lists of 281 Cheeses You Should Know, 165 More Cheeses to KnowRaw Milk Cheeses and Vegetarian-Suitable Cheeses. You can also check out my complete list of European Protected Cheeses (as of 9/30/2014).

In addition to links to my reviews, I have provided links other sites with information about the cheeses.

I welcome all corrections and/or additions to these lists – leave them in the comment box at the bottom of this page. Thanks!!

My thanks to wikipedia; the website was a great help in compiling this list. If you haven’t contributed to this non-profit website, I urge you to do so. As little as a pledge of $3.00 a month can go along way to keeping it online.


European Protected Cheeses   UK Protected Cheeses   French Protected Cheeses   Greek Protected Cheeses   Italian Protected Cheeses   Portuguese Protected Cheeses   Spanish Protected Cheeses   Swiss Protected Cheeses


Cebreiro (Spain)

Flor de Guia (Spain) (Vegetarian Suitable)

Formatge de l’Alt Urgell i la Cerdanga (Spain)

Formatge de Mao (Spain)

Gamoneu (Spain)

Idiazabal Gaxta (Spain)

Mahon- Menorca (Spain)

Mallorca (Spain)

Manchego (Spain)

Murcia (Spain)

Murcia al Vino Spain (Raw Milk)

Palmero (Spain) Animal Rennet

Picon Bejes-Tresviso (Spain)

Queixo Arzua – Ulloa (Spain)

Queixo Cabreiro (Spain)

Queso Casin (Spain)

Queixo de Tetilla (Spain)

Queso Camerano (Spain)

Queso de Flor (Spain)

Queso de la Serena (Spain) – aka Torta de la Serena

Queso de las Alpujarras (Spain)

Queso  de Los Beyos (Spain)

Queso de Liebana (Spain)

Queso Ibores (Spain) (Raw Milk)

Queso Majorero (Spain) (Canary Islands)

Queso Nata de Cantabria (Spain) (Animal Rennet)

Quesu Cabrales (Spain)

Quesu Casin (Spain) (Raw Milk and Animal Rennet)

Quesu d’Afueg’l Pitu (Spain)  (Raw Milk)

Roncal (Spain)

Torta del Casar (Spain)

Valdeon (Spain)

Zamorano (Spain)

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