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Left, Mary Keehn and right Judy Schad, Award-Winning Cheesemakers

Left, Mary Keehn and right Judy Schad, Award-Winning Cheesemakers

Interviews with Cheesemakers, ACS Certified Cheese Professionals, Cheesemongers and other Cheese Professionals.

More interviews scheduled for 2015. Stay tuned:


Meet the Cheesemakers (List of Cheesemaker Interviews)

Meet the Cheesemongers (List of Mongers and Other Professionals)



Individual Interviews:

Burke Brandon of Red Hill Cheese, Australia (Cheesemaker)

Lincold Broadsbooks – ACS Certified Cheese ProfessionalThe Better Cheddar, Kansas City

Vicky Brown of Little Brown Farm (Owner and Cheesemaker) Washington State

Jacque Cange – Cheesemonger, Ambassador of La Guilde Internationale des Fromagers, Belgium.

Sid Cook of Carr Valley Cheese (Owner and Cheesemaker) Wisconsin

Kurt Dammeier, Beecher’s Handmade Cheeses (Owner) Washington State

Laura Downey – ACS Certified Cheese Professional, Fairfield Cheese Company – Fairfield, Conn.

Chad Farmer-Davis – Murray’s Cheese Set-up Specialist for Kroger – Cincinnati, Ohio

John Fiscalini, Fiscalini Farmstead Cheeses (Owner and Cheesemaker) California

Janet Fletcher – Award-Winning Writer and Cheese Expert California

Tom Flournoy of Tom’s Tiny Kitchen (Owner and Creator of Product) Tennessee

Lisa Futterman – ACS Certified Cheese ProfessionalPastoral Wholesale, Chicago, Illinois

Craig Gile of Cabot Creamery (ACS CCP, Cheese Grader and Judge) Vermont

Ivan Gligora of Gligora Creamery – Croatia

Rhonda Gothberg of Gothberg Farms (Owner and Cheesemaker) Washington State

David Gremmels, Rogue Creamery (Co-Owner) Oregon

Andy Hatch of Uplands Cheese Company (Owner and Cheesemaker) Wisconsin

Kerry Henning, Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese (Owner and Cheesemaker) Wisconsin

Andrea Horton – ACS Certified Cheese Professional(Cheesemaker) Georgia

Stephen Hueffed of Willapa Hills Farmstead Cheese (Co-Owner and Cheesemaker) Washington State

Rob Kaufelt of Murray’s Cheese (Owner) New York 

Mary Keehn of Cypress Grove Chevre (Owner) California

Jimme Mares – Division Cheese Specialist – Kroger, Michigan Division

Lora Mazzona – ACS CCP – Whole Foods, Vancouver, BC

Leah McFadden ACS Certified Cheese ProfessionalWhole Food Specialty Team Leader, San Jose, Ca.

Miranda McQuillan Cheese Lead – Baker’s, Omaha, Nebraska

Kala Nyx – Merchandiser, Market of Choice – Eugene, Oregon

Kristin Payne – ACS Certified Cheese Professional – Whole Foods Specialty Team Leader, Vancouver, BC

Amy Pitzer – New  Seasons Markets – Portland, Oregon

Mary Quicke, Quicke Traditional Cheese (Owner and Cheesemaker)

Ed Reynolds – ACS Certified Cheese Professional – Whole Foods, Marlton, New Jersey

Sean Riley – Murray’s Cheese Set-up Specialist for Kroger Denver, Colorado

Jim Sartori, Sartori Cheeses (Owner) Wisconsin

Debbie Simon – Murray’s Cheese Master Harper’s Point Kroger, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Bob Stetson of Westfield Farm  Massachusetts

Allyson Taylor -Co-Manager of FarmShop Los Angeles

Amy Thompson – ACS Certified Cheese ProfessionalLucy’s Whey @ Chelsea Market, Manhattan

Tom Van Voorhees – ACS Certified Cheese Professional Rogue Creamery, Oregon

Mathew Willey of Sweet Grass Dairy  (Director of Public Relations) Georgia

Marcella Wright – ACS Certified Cheese Professional – Vancouver, Washington

Mike Wright (Beer Enthusiast) California

LeeAnn Zubay – ACS Certified Cheese Professional – Owner of ZZest Market and Cafe, Minnesota




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